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What is the deal with the Pay Day Loans?

  1. I went to the reader page to explore topics and chose "Photography." There are so many posts with an images of Pay Day Loans....And there are a bunch of things posted for sale. Can we do this on WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They are all spam. Click the "report as spam" link in drop down on the left hand side of the Admin bar on any sites you see like that and report them to Staff as spam.

  3. Thanks Timethief....there are too many to count....

  4. That's why the Topics pages are so broken. We get people who spam the crap out of them as they are intent on gaming the Topics pages. On the other hand we have bloggers who think that their posts not being displayed on the Topics pages is a catastrophe. It's Google and search engines that send a signficant amount of traffic to blogs. The Topics page flow of traffic to blogs is negligible at best.

  5. Seems like there are two. Did what you suggested. It is sad that folks are going to have to weed through these to see the real posts....thanks again TT!

  6. I sure hope you reported every one of them to Staff.

  7. Go to the topics page and look at Reviews. This has a load of advertising and I do not have time today to report all that is there. Should there be links to pricing?

  8. I reported a whack of them and when I have more time I'll report the others too.

  9. I think I reported about 10.....When I have more time I will go back and look again! Closing this one - OK?

  10. Sure go ahead and close it. It's obvious to me that the "reviews" category/tag is being abused. We aren't allowed to advertize any products we do not personally create or services we don't personally provide. Those blogs are sham. They are not actual blogs at all.

  11. Thanks Timethief! In the year on WP I have not seen this before at all! You have a good rest of the day!

  12. It's my strongly help opinion that this is bound to get worse now that we have WordAds. The word is out that one can make money by blogging here. I predict this platform will begin attract a lot of the riff-raff (spammers, scammers and sploggers) I grew very tired of dealing with elsehwhere. On the up side our TOS Staff are excellent. What we bloggers need to do is report each and every spam blog we find to them.

  13. edit: "help" was meant to be "held"

  14. I suggest you go to the root of the problem; as long as they can sneak it by the tag pages, they will continue trying. Report the website they're all promoting directly to its web host; almost all hosting agreements preclude this kind of spam, and the root site will get suspended, making all the spam pointless. And the spammer stops.

    I've used it, and it works.

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