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What is the definition of "offensive language"

  1. I just had a glance at the Mature Content policy. It refers to "offensive language" as being grounds for adult classification. Okay, fair enough, but what is offensive language? For example, my blog is not what I would consider an adult blog, but (a) I will probably from time to time discuss sexual matters, not for entertainment but as, you know, issues in society and in our lives; and (b) I will certainly want to use strong language now and then in reference to outrageous things and people in the world. E.g., I might want to say that some new restriction on civil liberties is "f--ing incredible," or that some Fortune 500 CEO is an "a-----". Not a lot, because I'm all about quality writing. But occasionally, when I feel the situation really calls for it. So how much do I need to restrain myself? I'd really like my writing to be available to a general audience.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want to get into a prolonged discussion with Staff about what kind of language would be likely to offend your grandmother and/or would not be appropriately used before a young child then this is the link straight to the Terms of Service group (works all the time)

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