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What is the difference between a Permalink URL and a Trackback URL

  1. I have already spent some time reading the definition ahow trackback works and looked at explanation of how to enter trackback info but when I wanted to enter a carnival the submission form asked me to enter the Permalink URL for my post and then the Trackback URL. Which is which? is this my permalink or is it the trackback?

  2. That's your permalink, the permanent link to that one specific post.

  3. Thank you for answering so quickly. Now I know I am being dense but what would be my trackback URL then?

  4. You're very welcome. If you hover your cursor beneath the word "trackback" under your post, where it says something like "trackback from your own site" you'll see the url in bar on the bottom. But really, if you're doing an internal link from one of your posts to another, just insert the link and when you publish the post, you'll automatically get a pingback which achieves the same purpose. This thread should help. I know it's confusing.

    If you want to see what a pingback from an internal link looks like, I have one today. Click on my name to get to my blog then click on How to: braid bread dough and in the comments section you'll see the (clickable) pingback from the other post.

  5. Went to your site, and found the comment section, and left a comment. Okay now I clicked on the trackback URI and it brought me back to you webblog. Does that make your trackback URL or is ??????? If the permalink and the trackback are the same why don't they just say so?

  6. The pingback url (to use WordPress's terminology here) is

    It happened automatically when I linked from that post to the how-to post. The semolina post "pinged" or notified the how-to post that it was linked to and the words in the comment section show where that link is. Link from one of your posts to another and you'll see the pingback in your dashboard.

    I know this is frustrating for you but in all honesty, I never use trackback because pinging is automatic. I believe I read somewhere here early on that we should use one or the other, not both. (Someone please correct me if that's wrong.)

    This probably explains it better than I ever could:

    Sorry your 2nd post went to moderation. Unfortunately, I've had to set it so that even one link sends a comment to moderation.

  7. FWIW the only time i put anything in the Trackback field is when i'm linking either to a blog outside and/or a blog that has a specific trackback URL listed on the post (on other blogging platforms, the permalink and the trackback link aren't always the same).

    Don't worry too much about it.

  8. Okay, I have read the explanations over and over again. I asked, I thought quite clearly, what is the definition of a trackback URL or as it is apparently called in some places, trackback URI? If I am following the logic correctly from the example above the trackback URL is the name of the site/plus the date/plus the title of the most current post/ Is that any where near the correct answer? The reason I ask is because, if you read my original question post, I was asked to enter the info in a form at a blog carnival so I could sent them my entry.

  9. The link in your original message is, as I said, the permalink. The trackback for that post is:

  10. You might find this useful in understanding what trackback URLs are:

    Basically trackbacks are there to automatically provide cross linking between different blogs. As Jeff points out they are a good idea, but poorly implemented since spammers can easy game them.

    As for your specific question. This is your permlink:

    And this is your trackback for the same post:

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