What is the gravater for?

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    What is the gravater for?
    I get a comment or a suscription and it is linked to a page showing a very large avatar, but does not give me any links to a blog.

    The blog I need help with is espliego.wordpress.com.


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    I see your gravatar profile linking to two of your blogs: fishing and shoptalk.

    Are you asking about why people who comment don’t have links to their blogs on the gravatar page?

    I’d guess they have not filled in much information on their profiles for a number of reasons.
    didn’t know they could
    didn’t want to share that information
    too lazy to bother
    too busy with other things
    and so on…



    Yes, I think my own gravatar seems to be linked to my blogs, and so, isn’t the gravatar redundant in my case?
    And if somebody comments on my blog, isn’t it nicer if his avatar leads directly back to his blog and not to the information he might give about himself which is mostly or necessarily just generic anyway?


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    I like the gravatars because it’s easy to recognize who is commenting by their picture.

    I don’t know why it is set up that way. Speculation here, but could be that Gravatar wants to become more of a social networking site, with more info about the people using it? Maybe someone has a better explanation…

    If you click on a commenter’s name, then you will be taken to his site…

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