What is the importance of pingbacks? and why are they part of comments section.

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    Whenever I get pingbacks from various sites and i approve them, then they automatically get listed on my comments and keep appearing along side all my posts. plz help. what should i do?



    It’s another blog’s way of telling you it linked to you. I leave them as a courtesy, in case one of my readers would like to click on over to the other blog. If you wish, you can delete them like any other comment.



    I just noticed you tagged this ‘spam.’ Obviously, if they’re links from sploggers, delete them.



    chirag155, pingbacks are like a comment someone makes from another site. If you don’t want them to show up on your post than you don’t approve them.



    I once wrote a post and happened to include a wordpress blog URL in it, and it showed up as a comment on the other blog. This was not my intentionm and it’s worth understanding where it takes the excerpt from and to, it seems to be a couple of sentences Before the URL. BTW if you link to another one of your own posts, this too will also show up as a pingback and a comment.

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