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What is the limit for number of images in one page, aoq.

  1. I ask, because I am unable to ad another picture to a page of mine... However, the images are not heavy, it is just simple cartoon drawings.

    Another question:
    It seems the way to upload images has been changed. The new way seems to give much less control, so I would really prefer the old way... It is possible to get it back?

    And a last question:
    And is there a fast way to acces and delete images which have been uploaded to the server but not published? ... I can delete them by choosing "browse all", then go in to edit every single picture and click "delete file", but that is a very slow process. My internet connection is 256 and I do not have so much time for this blogging stuf, so I say deeply thank you for any advice that can speed up things.

  2. (1) As far as I know there is no restriction on how many images can be uploaded into a page or a post except perhaps that pertaining to the size of the images. Have you checked the FAQs on images? There are lots of entries there
    (2) The image uploader hase been upgraded and you cannot go back to using the old one - it's no longer available.
    (3) The way you have described of deleting images is the only way available to you.

  3. 1) A sample showing the post where you are having issues with would help. Please point us at one.

    2) I myself agree as it appears we've lost thumbnail control. I would suggest sending in a feedback as staff has mention many times in the past that this is how they keep tabs on stuff like this.

    3) No, only one at a time.

  4. Thank you for your answers.


  5. You're welcome. :)

  6. I noted a bit ago that thumbnails have returned though. :)

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