What is the maximum size of a WordPress.com blog?

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    I looked on the WordPress.com support page about Space Upgrades and it did say that upgrades were cumulative but it did not say what the upper limit (absolute limit) of space is for a WordPress.com blog. If there is none, it would be great if that page said so explicitly. And if there is a maximum size, that limit ought to be listed on that page.
    In other words, if a blog can be a maximum of 200 GB no matter how many space upgrades one is willing to purchase, it would be great to know that.



    Are you talking about space to upload images?



    Each WordPress blog comes with 3GB of free storage, and storage is only metered for your uploaded files.

    As far as a maximum, there really isn’t one. You’re welcome to add as many paid space upgrades as you’d like.

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