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What Is The Meaning Of Life

  1. I always asked this question but I never get a straight answer

  2. You probably haven't gotten straight answers because it is a very hard, probably a very close to impossible, question to answer. I'm sure you know that though, which is why you're asking. The answer can depend on anything. If you're a a very religious theist, it probably has something to do with serving God, if you're concerned more with human responsibility, it's probably linked with creating a better world and if you're a sociopath, it has to do with serving yourself. If you're somebody different, it may combine all of the above. For me, I don't know if there really is a meaning, even though I think all of the above are relevant in society. The closest I can come to answering is that the meaning of life is to do the best that you can do as a person in every situation and to take advantage of every opportunity you have in life to add something worthwhile to the world.

    Simply put, to live life in such a way that you leave something important here.

  3. Serious answer (i.e., void of usual sarcasm)? Well, from one perspective it certainly seems about reproducing and carrying on your genetic line. I suppose one could continually ask "but why is that?" to such a response, and it would take forever to wax philosophically in response. Suffice to say that everyone here may have a different theory about the meaning of life.

    I'll take a rather controversialy stance and say that I think something about life has to do with an evolution of consciousness. What do I mean by this? I guess my beliefs are fairly firmly grounded in Darwinism, but I also believe to a certain extent in intelligent design. Seems contradictory, I know, but I'll sum up by saying that evolution is so incredibly fascinating that whoever (or whatever) created our mitochondrial DNA sure seemed rather smart to me.

    Perhaps in a larger sense I think there is something to the idea that we play the role of a conscious observer in the universe. John A. Wheeler went on about this in an '02 aricle in Discover magazine. You may know his name as he not only worked with Einstein and Bohr, but is also considered one of the highest ranking physicists in the world and even coined the term "black hole" for the super dense objects we know so litle about. In the article, which was all about our mind's ability to affect light travelling across huge distances in space/time, Wheeler theorizes that the universe is set up not just to exist, but to be understood and indeed viewed by a conscious entity (us).

    Sound crazy? Perhaps the original article can articulate this better than me at 5 AM in the morning.

  4. "42." (Douglas Adams)

  5. No, no - wasn't 42 the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

    The meaning of life is to read a good book, call your mother, get lots of fresh air and sunshine, that sort of thing. (Monty Python)

  6. The meaning of life?

    Spend a couple of hours working outside in temperatures of -10C, then come in for biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and strong coffee. Yep, that definitely gives my life meaning. I'm a contented man right now.

  7. -10? HA! I'm from Winterpeg, baby! Try -60! Of course, now I live in Vancouver, where they break out the down at +12, but still. There are photos of me as a munchkin standing on a snow drift, even with the power lines, ie 30 feet up.

  8. You're just jealous of my breakfast... :D

  9. True.

  10. rain - another Winterpeg refugee! So many in Vancouver, you'd think the whole continent was tilted.

  11. You know the saying.

    The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

    ...pretty much sums it up :]

  12. Creation. Communication. Decision. Consideration. Those are the things that dead or not-living stuff can't deal with. The more alive you are, the more of these you're supposed to be able to perform. And vice versa.

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