What is the most common way people get to your blog?

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    I have been looking at my blog stats, and was quite puzzled over how people get to my blog. Views that come from search engines are few and far between. Neither do I usually advertise my entries on Facebook and/or Yahoo messenger, twitter, etc. (even though when I do, there is a substantial improvement in readership.) Neither do my readers come by clicking on my url in other blogs.
    Hence, the only logical conclusion, imho, is that they type in my url directly, or that they bookmark my blog, both of which suggest a higher interest that I’d expect my blog deserves.

    Anyhow, I am curious about other people’s situations. What is the most common way you get people to your blog? Does my described situation indeed suggest that readers bookmark/remember my blog? Or is there an alternative explanation?

    The blog I need help with is anhqle.wordpress.com.



    A good majority of my views are routed from Facebook and Twitter. Though I know what you mean, there are a number of views that seem to be unaccounted for (Though I still need to read how it tracks, and who it disregards in the tracking, etc.).

    I have a very geeky setup to my blog though (I’m sure it’s similar to others).
    Every post gets sent to Twitter & Tumblr. I then use the Tumblr facebook application to post all my Tumblr posts to facebook.

    I did this because I wanted to also send new posts to facebook, but didn’t want to use the Twitter facebook app (because I don’t want all my tweets sent).

    It has worked out alright, though I am a firm believer that with strong content there will be a steady flow of traffic by any means most accessible to the individual.



    samcouch, I would assume then that in your blog stats, the referrers section, you will get a lot of links from facebook? Does twitter counts as a referrer as well?

    And if I do not see many links in my referrer section, would I be able to safely conclude that people get to my blog chiefly by remembering/bookmarking?



    The most common way is by commenting but there are other ways too. These two posts pretty well cover them all. What;s important to understand is that there is no such thing as passive blog promotion.

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