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What is the most vital thing in blogging?

  1. -To blog for yourself.

    -To blog for your friends.

    -To create quality writing.

    -To stay focused on narrowed subjects in your overall blog.

    -Not to blog just for stats.

    +for stats, what is the most vital thing that helps get the most:

    -To comment on other blogs.

    -To create relevant titling.

    -To connect through social networks.

    Any other ideas? What is the most vital thing in blogging to you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To create something you like and your proud of. Of course it's all opinion and everyone's "vitals" are probably different...

  3. To have fun, connect with others, and to provide useful content.

  4. Have you ever had this mental conundrum? Wish I could remember if I have forgotten anything wise people told me never to forget? Google it lol.

  5. The main two things I get from it are the opportunity to let my imagination run wild and to get to research I wouldn’t otherwise then to write about them in a way I find fun.

  6. calisthenics for the brain. like our biceps, use 'em or the atrophy. Sharing the results sure makes it more satisfying, though.

  7. thehappyhealer

    I agree, jessiethought! all of those things are so important!
    I'm somewhat new to this - but hooked! I learn so much from all of the amazing blogs out there!

    for me> enjoy every moment!, write, photograph, draw - always for YOU, find inspiration and grow

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