What is the optional showcase template?

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    Where is the optional showcase template? I’ve already got five widgets in the sidebar (which I can’t seem to find a way to easily remove to make room), so I figure the “showcase sidebar” is empty, I can put my “follow blog” widget in there instead.

    So on the dashboard it appears to be there, and a bar came up and said changes were saved, but you can’t see it on my blog?!

    I’ve tried looking for settings for the “showcase” template, but I can’t find a mention of it anywhere.

    Add onto that the amount of clicks it’s taking me to get to the front end from the dashboard, and you’ve got one very frustrated blogger! Is it just not very intuitive, or is it me?

    I just want people to be able to get new posts by email, I’m not asking a lot. :-(

    Any help apppreciated. Ta.
    Blog url: http://snottydog.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is snottydog.wordpress.com.



    I think the showcase template is to showcase a page and then has it’s own widgets. You don’t need to delete any of your widgets to add more, just add the follow widget to your side bar with the others. But, if you specifically want to use the showcase template then someone else will advise you as i don’t know.



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