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What is the postion re making revenue from your blog

  1. Hi
    I have a reasonable blog and i would like to generate revenue be it from advertisemnets or other ways - any suggestions on how to do this?


  2. Advertising on is very restricted. Blogs that are utilized only to drive business through links to other sites are not tolerated and in fact are discontinued. As there are rules about advertsing I urge you to consult the FAQs pink sticky at the head of the forum, the FAQs blog and the forum search box. This issue has been discussed many, many times. Those who are strongly interested in advertising may be better off choosing to self host their blogs or hire a web-hosting service

  3. timethief
    Cheers for that - must admit did not think they were so strict but obviously the ethos of the organisation is clear.
    Cheers Ed

  4. You can also discuss the issue with staff via a feedback from your dashboard. Under certain conditions, advertising is allowed but for general blogs, the answer is no.

  5. You can apply for VIP Blogging. But even if you already meet the requirements, you still might not get in unless your blog is a tech blog or a type of blog that the administrators approve of and like. Or if you're friends with the administrators, you just MIGHT have a shot at VIP Blogging. So if you apply, don't hold your breath.

  6. The example that I believe Nosy is thinking of is a blog where the author has links to the book that he himself wrote a few years ago.

  7. Meet one of the major requirements. Was excited. Then nothing. Do I sound bitter?

  8. Did you? Gotta admit that I read the page, shrugged, and moved on.

  9. VIP blogging costs $250 per month. Are you really that eager to have another bill?

  10. You may be a good candidate for VIP hosting if, for example, you get more than 500,000 pageviews a month on your blog.

    Funny how that first said 100,000 pageviews a month but now says 500,000 page views a month. And about the $250 a month:

    Pricing may be flexible depending on your circumstances.

    From the sites on my own blogroll that get far less traffic than me, they could pay the $250 a month on just a handful of ads. I don't care anymore. I'm not going to beg a 22-year-old to allow me to have ads. On a happier sidenote, Trent from Pink is the New Blog linkled to me this week. COOL!

  11. WOAH! The person who posted the question was seeking "the" answer of WordPress/Automattic to "the" question. I gave it and he responded. So what's with the rest of this stuff? It's only hump day but the support forum has turned into the TGIF cocktail hour *LOL* - where's that BBQ? I love to party. :D

  12. Nosy was talking about VIP blogging and didn't seem to realize the costs involved. Now we know more about VIP blogging.

    Believe me, this isn't the kind of thing I talk about at parties. This is what forums are for.

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