What is the process for viewers to subscribe?

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    Several of my viewers has asked how they go about subscribing. They have tried to subscribe, and some think they have, but they haven’t. I have tried to find something in Support and Forums, but I haven’t found an explanation of what steps a viewer takes to become a subscriber to my blog. I have the subscription widget installed, but when people try to subscribe, they don’t know how to proceed. Some have asked what they are subscribing to, that is, are they joining something they might not want to join. So I’m looking for answers to the following:

    1. What is the step by step procedure a viewer takes to subscribe?

    2. What are they joining? My blog community? Or a WordPress community?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Peter Giardina
    Blog url: http://petergiardina.wordpress.com/



    Hi Peter –

    The blog subscription widget gives your readers the option to receive emails notifications when you publish a new post. They aren’t joining any community or creating a WordPress.com account when they subscribe using the blog subscriptions widget – it is just to receive email notifications.

    There are a couple of ways to subscribe to a blog:

    1. By adding a blog subscription widget as you have already done. The steps to subscribe:
    * Click on the widget button (your button currently reads “I’m ready to join”).
    * If they don’t have a WordPress.com account, then they will be prompted to enter their email address.
    * They will receive a confirmation email.
    * WordPress.com users do not need enter their email address if they are logged in to their account.

    For more information please see http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/blog-subscription-widget/.

    2. RSS links widget: this widget gives your readers the option to subscribe to your blog via RSS (using an RSS reader like Google Reader). You can add this widget through your widgets page (Appearance > Widgets). You can learn more about this widget at http://support.wordpress.com/widgets/rss-links-widget/.

    3. WordPress.com Subscriptions: we have a built-in subscription option for WordPress.com users that let’s them subscribe to a blog by selecting the “Subscribe” button in their user menu. Please see http://support.wordpress.com/subscriptions/#subscribing-to-a-blog.

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