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What is the process of canceling/transferring a domain name?

  1. Confusing as to the process of canceling/transferring a domain name. The timing of the process keeps changing. It went from a few days, to a few weeks, to a few months.
    Blog url:

  2. Please post your specifics into this thread as it has been flagged for a Staff response.

  3. Thanks!

    username: upsethesetup
    domain name:

    Trying to transfer my domain name but super confused.
    Do you need anymore specifics?

  4. is in redemption - it expired on Sept. 22 and you did not renew it - you can't transfer an expired domain name -

    You have two basic choices - get your domain name out of redemption and you need staff help to do that - or you can let the domain name revert to the wild and maybe you can register it again - or someone else might grab the domain name and either use it or hold it hostage

  5. Thank you - what exactly does "in redemption" mean?
    Do I have to purchase it again to get it out of redemption - even if I want to use it on another platform? And how can I notify staff to get help? WordPress doesn't seem to have a customer service # (am I wrong?) like every other company in the world so I'm not exactly sure how to get their attention.

  6. Like I said above this thread has been flagged for a Staff response. Not to worry as they will answer all your questions. Simply subscribe to the RSS feed for this thread in the sidebar and you will know when they post here.

  7. Great! Thanks for your help guys!

  8. You're welcome.

  9. @upsethesetup: hi there, I sent you an email with details about your domain's expiration and options for recovery. Please reply to that email when convenient, thanks!

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