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What is the right size to make the Dashboard window to match the post?

  1. Hey guys, when I add a bunch of pictures to a text on the Dashboard, I can with effort get them to look good, with word-wrap around images and so forth. And then when I post the blog, the pictures and word wrap are different than what I see on the Dashboard. Quite an irritation! And then I notice that if I grab an edge of the Dashboard and change the width of the Dashboard window on my computer, the pictures move all over the place, and not for the better. So how do I match the width of the Dashboard so that when I post my piece, it looks on the blog like it looks on the Dashboard? Or am I doing something fundamentally wrong?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Ron - rather than try to make your Dashboard editor the same size as your blog, I recommend using the Preview function to preview how your draft will look on your blog itself:

    As to the pictures, make sure you're doing all of your image editing through the Add Media box, as described here:

    Much of the time, when people run into formatting problems with images, it's because they're dragging the images around to rearrange them within the post editor. If you need to move an image, it's better to delete it from the post, put your cursor where it should go, and then reinsert it with the Add Media button.

    You might also check out our gallery options for other ways to display multiple images:

    If you still have any trouble, please link me directly to an example of a particular post where you're having problems with the images, and explain a bit of what you've tried that's not working, and what you want it to look like. I'm happy to help! :)

  3. Hi Eurello! I just tried once again to make the Dashboard editor look good with pictures and text, and when I do the Preview, it's awful as usual. Take a look at my site, and look under "Spain" at "Sevilla and its Cathedral". Yes, I do Add Media, and yes, I delete images and then re-insert, and I use left and right justification, but I end up with a jumble with Preview (and of course Post). My problem is that I usually have more picture than words, although it varies. I often want 2 or even 3 pictures side-by-side. My latest effort to circumvent the picture/word wrap problem was to put text as a block, and then 2 pictures by themselves occupying the page width, then text (if necessary a bunch of page returns when the text length was short), then 2 pictures, etc. So it would be a "text - pictures - text- pictures" kind of arrangement with minimal word wrap. Didn't work.

    I'm open to suggestions. Again, what I see on the Dashboard is not what it looks like in Preview. The layout is all screwed up.

    Is there a site for sale that would get me out of this problem?



  4. Hi again. I've been reading WordPress. Again, my problem is that when I insert images into a blog on the Dashboard, their location (and word wrap) changes when I post it. And it seems to depend to a degree on the width of the Dashboard that I'm working with. Is this shift in image position a function of having a theme that is "responsive layout" vs "fixed width"? What I want is something that, when I get the words/images aligned like I want them in Dashboard, it looks the same when I post.

    Finally, to try out a premium site with my blog, the way to do that seems to be to purchase it and then get a refund in a couple weeks if it doesn't work out. Is there an easier way, such as having a free couple days before being charged? I tried the "Live Preview" options of a few themes, and for the ones with fixed width, I get my "About Me" page (only one image, not useful to see my problem) but can't get to the posts to see how they would look - the links don't seem to work.

    Thanks for the help! I think we're close - I hope.


  5. Hi Ron,

    A few things to clarify - a theme with a "responsive" layout will automatically adjust to best display in the size screen a reader is reading it on, whereas a "fixed" layout will not, but this has to do only with the display of your site after your posts are published. This doesn't affect how things look when you compose them in the Dashboard versus how they appear when you publish. While you're welcome to upgrade, none of our upgrades necessarily change how images are displayed on your site.

    What's mostly happening for you is that you're attempting to display images side-by-side by justifying some of them left and some right. This doesn't work, because the text wraps up between them. Rather, to display images side-by-side, you should justify them all either right or left, as described here:

    However, that is a bit tricky, because you then have to have the images be the correct size to display on the same line, small enough not drop down to the next line, but large enough to take up the full line, because the text still wants to wrap around them to whichever side.

    Instead, I recommend experimenting with justifying some of your images in the center (either single images, or a few arranged vertically) rather than to either side. Also, if you want to display a few images in a row, try inserting a gallery, which fixes them in a grid:

    You don't have to put all of your post's images in a single gallery. You can insert a gallery of, say, four images underneath one paragraph, and three under another. But that will solve your problem of your images seeming to shift around on you.

    Finally, try browsing some other travel sites on and seeing how those bloggers handle their images. That will give you some good ideas on how to display yours:

    If you see something you like, but aren't sure how to achieve it, let me know - I'll be happy to help you out!

    Sorry for the lengthy reply, but hopefully this gives you some good ideas for how to proceed. :)

  6. Cool! Didn't realize I could insert a gallery. Very helpful response, thanks much!

  7. Ok,
    On a related topic to my last question, in the tile mode of a gallery, when I put up say 6 images into the gallery I can move them around, but I seem to have no control on how the gallery ultimately displays the images when posted. Some images are small and some are large, some are stacked on top of each other, etc. Do I have any control over what goes where, and if so, how do I get it?

    Many thanks!


  8. Hi Ron - with the tile mosaic, no, it's meant to display that way to look artistic. ;) But you can use one of the other gallery options for more consistency if you like. Also, note that there are some parameters you can add to the shortcode to further control how things look:

  9. Hi Eurello,
    Is there a premium theme that will allow me to position the pictures within a gallery however I want?

    Many thanks for your continued help.


  10. Hi Ron - Many premium (and free) themes have a slider at the top of the page that pulls featured images from various posts, or they display images in other ways. But within the posts themselves, the gallery feature is the same regardless of the theme you are using. To be clear, you can order the images in your galleries in whatever way you like, and you can choose to include/exclude certain images. It's just not possible to control which of the images in the tiled mosaic are big and which are smaller.

  11. Thanks, Eurello. Disappointing, but good to know the limits are. One, probably last, question for you. When I add an image to a post but want it to be displayed bigger, say full column width, I can adjust the size of the image in the Dashboard (by pulling on a border), but it doesn't seem to get translated into any change whatsoever when I go to Preview. I then click on edit image (on the image) to try to make it bigger, but the resulting display of size adjustment above 100% are grayed out. I then go into advanced edit and change the numbers under "size of image" to be bigger (and not really sure what that does); that not only seems to work to jump the size of the image in Preview, but suddenly now an adjustment to image size in Dashboard (grabbing border) results in the appropriate change in size in Preview. So I get there, but surely there is a better, simpler way.

    Again, many thanks for helping! The blog is looking pretty good!


  12. Hi Ron - When you upload your image, insert it at full size:

    Then, you can adjust it smaller. If the full sized image isn't large enough, it's not possible to make it bigger, so you'll need to insert a bigger image.

  13. Many thanks!!!


  14. Hello Eurello, Happiness Engineer!
    Another quick question for you. I invited a number of people to subscribe to my blog, and some signed on to get email notices of my posts. So where on my Dashboard is that list of subscribers? I go to Users, where I invited people, and there is nobody there but me.

    Lonely in Left Field,

  15. Hi Ron,

    You can see them in Site Stats - scroll down to the bottom to Totals, Followers, & Shares and click the "blog" link by the total number. That will bring you here:

  16. Many thanks again.

    Lonely No More,

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