What is the site delicious for and how do I use it?

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    Lately I have noticed that a lot of the blogs I read are also linked to delicious. But I can’t figure out what on earth it is for? Appreciate your information. I keep asking the beginner questions. Looking forward to the day when i have them all answered and I can ask really smart ones!



    It is a kind of “social networking” system. In short people see an article or blog post they like and will add it to their delicious tags list.

    Other people can look on that site look up a “tag” they are interested in and find a list of sites related to the subject of interest.

    This is link for adding a Technorati bookmarklet to your browser. Technorati is pretty much the same as delicious in action but may in fact track more links.

    Do a search on that site for the delicious bookmarklet or on Google for it. Both make tagging your posts much easier.

    You can also check the bottom of my blog posts to see how the Technorati tags look.

    That figures the forum system is spitting out the href code. how about this:

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