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What is the yellow tab up top by New Post

  1. theradioatemytv

    what it the yellow tab up top? It just showed up today, and when I click on it I get a never ending swirly, but if I wave off of it turns grey. However, if go to a new page or anything else, it turns yellow again. What is it? How do I get rid of it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. what it the yellow tab up top?

    Do you mean in the black Admin bar? That is the notification area, meaning that you have some kind of activity on your site/s (comment, follow, award, etc.).

    You can get to the Notification area by going to this page in the New Dash: Once you read all the new notifications, the icon will turn gray again.

    If you are having trouble with this icon, make sure that you are using an up to date browser and that flash is updated.

  3. theradioatemytv

    On the top bar it says "go premium" then New Post, then that yellow box with straight horizontal lines, then the name of the site. It is driving me nuts. It is yellow, you click on it, that eternal swirly shows up then move off it goes grey. If that is an administration box, it does not appear to be working right.

  4. theradioatemytv

    Jennifer, that link you gave me made it turn from a yellow box to a grey cartoon talk box. It is no longer turning yellow when I click around. It stays the cartoon talk box. So how do I access that link you provided on my page, and what is the point of that yellow box?

  5. What browser and version are you using?

  6. theradioatemytv

    firefox 27.0

  7. theradioatemytv

    Wow, you sure know a lot of cool links. To quote the Joker, "where you do get all those wonderful toys?"

  8. Volunteer here in the forums for a few years and you tend to collect bookmarks, like this one to check that your flash player is up to date. If not update it.

    Otherwise the only other suggestions I have can be found on this browser troubleshooting page

  9. theradioatemytv

    Well, I updated the Flash player, though not sure it was out of date, and I cleared the cache and cookies, and did the ctrl F5 thing too, and allowed all pages through Noscript and none of it mattered. I tried it on Chrome and it worked fine. Of course now I am wondering if I am missing other tools on Firefox too. Oh well. At least I know how to open that cursed yellow box; go to Chrome.

    On the topic of Google, I am only using Pages on wordpress, and Google won't show anything from the Pages in its search. I tried searching for paragraphs of my stuff through Google and nothing pops up. Is that normal for Google to not show stuff from Pages? If so, how will people find the site?

  10. If possible, send me a screenshot, so I can better understand the issue. You can simply upload the screenshot to your Media Library, like any other image, and I'll be able to access it from there.

    The page at the following link has some helpful tips for taking screenshots:

  11. theradioatemytv

    Ok I uploaded the screen shot. Timethief's link faces the same problems I have too, it would appear. Good call Timethief.

    Exactly how many people, outside of the NSA of course, have access to my media library?

  12. Please try to disable your browser extensions and see if that helps:

  13. luvsiesous2000


    You probably do not want that answered.



  14. theradioatemytv

    I turned off all add ons, and no difference. The eternal swirly lives on. I will just go to chrome when it goes yellow, I suppose. I suppose if I go chrome all the time I could see if I am missing other tools on Firefox too, since right now the yellow box/grey quote tab is the only one I know doesn't work so far.

  15. Could you please follow these steps to reset Firefox?

    Thank you!

  16. theradioatemytv

    I can't do that right now, as it would take some time to reestablish all the stuff it will wipe out. Do you have another idea that isn't so destructive?

  17. Could you create a clean install of FF on another computer?

    FWIW-in my test blog and using FF I'm not able to recreate the problem that you and another user describe. Once I click on the notification area in the Admin bar, the notifications drop down from there without incident or at least without the endless swirly dial. This leads me to think that it might have something to do with your specific install.

    As a poor substitute, if you don't want to have to go to Chrome, just bookmark the link I gave you above and when you see the notifications area light up, go directly to the Notifications area in the New Dash. Here's the link again:

  18. theradioatemytv

    Well, JustJennifer, I think you should change your name to AmazingJennifer! The idea of trying it on another computer was a brilliant and safe solution to use as an experiment for the reset.

    The yellow/comment button was not working on the old computer either, and since I copied the profile data from that old computer to the new computer when I got the new computer that makes sense. I tried it on the old computer in firefox's safe mode first and no luck. Then I took the big risk and did the reset.

    After the reset was done the yellow box/comment button worked on the old computer. I then copied the "old firefox data" back into the new profile (following the steps that firefox told how to do at the bottom of the trouble shoot page), and when it asked if I wanted to copy and replace the files or skip them, I chose skip those files.

    One by one I added back the old add ons, as they were now in the tabs requesting to be turned back on, checking each time to make sure the wordpress yellow box/comment button functioned. Each time it did. I did lose some stuff that I will point out shortly.

    Ok, now to try it on the new computer. I did everything the same except this time I said, "copy and replace" instead of skip when copying the old firefox data into the new profile. That made it not work. So I went and put all the "old firefox data" back into the profile, so I would be starting where I began. Then I started all over with the reset procedure and followed the steps EXACTLY like I did on the old computer this time, which took an hour or so, but now both computers work with that button with no problem.

    Here is what I lost in the process: I had to add back my specific persona as it went to default, and I had to reset my preferences/settings for my add ons as they to went to default, and I had to redo my customized toolbars, but all the other stuff (as far as I know) is still in tact.

    If others have the same problem, they have an idea now of what to do, and what they can expect to have to tweak when it's done (preferences/settings in add ons, personas, and custom tool bars stuff), and everything else (if the old firefox data folder is copied with steps mentioned above) will be fine.

    Thanks to all of you for helping me with this, and thanks for making me aware that my media library is not private, regardless if I have posted the pictures or not. That is good to know.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day!

  19. You're very welcome, but I'm not sure I understood this part:

    Thanks to all of you for helping me with this, and thanks for making me aware that my media library is not private, regardless if I have posted the pictures or not. That is good to know.

    If you haven't posted the link to the image, the only people who can see your media library are Staff members. Same is true for sites marked Private. Us regular minions don't have access. :)

  20. theradioatemytv

    Thanks Jennifer that too is good to know, I guess a Happiness Engineer is above a minion then.

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