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What is this, is it right?

  1. so I was doing a random google search of myself and found this guy discussing creating an automatic comment or something on my blog and I guess any wordpress blog
    does this look right, or could whatever he's trying to be do used in the future to hack into my blog. I know nothing about whatever he's doing to I wanted to check with the savvy people of the wordpress forum and get their opinion.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. meant "whatever he's trying to do be used..."

  3. Wow, interesting. I'll modlook this.

  4. If I were you, I'd blacklist that username right away.

  5. If you try to access and you're not you, the admin, you get a blank page with no code. Seems like you're safe, but it is a good idea to block that dude anyway.

  6. And set your blog to moderate all comments.

  7. There's a two-year-old blog under that username. I went there and flagged it for staff attention with the link to that forum, in case it's the same guy. Staff will be able to figure out what he's done with his account, if anything.

  8. And at the first site of him showing up, keep the comments but do not post them so that staff can look at them if they need to.

  9. You can do a search on Google as well using this: site:justaboy.* - it brings back a .de site.

  10. Thanks I blacklisted his name, hopefully whatever he was trying to do he failed and gave up. I hope staff lets me know if he could do anything harmful.

  11. Suspended, let us know if you see more - and don't worry about your blog!

  12. well thank you. And yesterday, I had more spam comments on that post the guy was referring to and he doesn't even go by "Justaboy", just goes by "yo" or something else arbitrary. Anyways, I blocked all the IP addresses that were spam on that post. And I won't worry about my blog :)

  13. Great!

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