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What is this Jeopardy? I cannot compose a blog why?

  1. Missing bar containing BOLD button, underline etc is gone and I lost functionality of the 'edit' features in the Publish area I use to schedule post also cannot upload pictures using icon above the aforementioned missing bar (above the compose box.) I use firefox and Windows-7 OS
    Blog url:

  2. Why does nobody look at the other 45 posts on the same topic that are right on the front page? Why?

  3. Aw quit whiner! I solved the problem without your help or your 45 posts..

    Adblock Plus downloaded an update yesterday and one item blocked those functions.

    Go snivel somewhere else, sheesh!

  4. You're welcome, asshole.

  5. Denmick: I have the same problem - started 24 hours ago. I'll check adblock but I don't remember seeing any updates pushed through. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Oh believe me, there were changes. All those 45 threads are about Adblock.

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