What is this link? 4527?

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    There is a link – I have noticed it before – that is leading people to my site. It is a post link, I guess. On my stat’s, the top posts of the day, it reads 4527, but it leads to: http://thechurchofjesuschrist.wordpress.com///

    I have no post with the title of 4527.


    My guess is that it’s a posting you either deleted or made private. It’s most likely still in search engines or linked in a story on someone else’s blog. That would be my guess.



    Odd. Nothing deleted. Thanks, though


    I think diamondfistwerny is right. Note that 4527 is not a post TITLE, it’s a post ID. All posts have ID numbers. Your recent “Sunday-thoughts”, for instance, is no. 4520, and your latest post is no. 4531.



    Thanks. When it first showed up, it was linked to an actual post, but now it is just linking to the site itself. The post which it first linked to actually has incoming views as well. I just checked my stats again, and it is gone. How do I check the post no.?


    When you are in the post editor, the number shows up in the address bar of your browser.

    (In case you’re wondering, we volunteers don’t have access to your dashboard: I had to look at the source code of your published page.)



    Thanks for the help. Had no doubts about my dashboard.

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