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what is Web 2.0?

  1. Ive seen references to "WEB 2.0". Wiki describes it as something similar to the original definition of World wide Web. so what is really? what potential does it have?

  2. ok either i tagged this really poorly, or no one else really knows what WEB 2.0 is either. LOL

  3. Or it's so old we're already talking about Web 3.0. Use google. There's a good YouTube about it as well. Read

  4. "Web 2.0 is a marketing term, and I think you've just invented Web 3.0...."
    ---Eric_Schmidt taken from Wiki

    Looks like that sums it up.

    Call me a romantic, but i would like to see effort elsewhere: making a WEB platform or Intranet which allows education, and is actually safe for kids and unseasoned users of the web.

    The Social Web is fine, but the internet still has untapped huge potential as a cheap educational resource across the globe.
    but its gonna take more AIs techs like Akismet to make it safe.

  5. That's what wikipedia will be for once more people have access to the internet :)

  6. Yes! wiki is becoming a more creative and interactive system. it is and will be a more powerful resource on the web. I am still learning about wiki portals right now.
    very optimistic about that.

  7. You're kidding. Have they trademarked "loser-generated content" too?

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  12. We humbly accept. Which is good, because I'm frankly tired of laying the smackdown on people.

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