What is wordpress IP address to point to my domain?

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    I am confused and a bit of a beginner to domain mapping etc. I bought a domain name and email address from 123-reg, however if I change the nameservers of the domain to wordpress then my email won’t work properly. I have queried with 123-reg to help me understand what to do and they say I need to get my wordpress IP address and then change this in my domain management to point my domain name and blog. That way my email remains with them and working ok.
    How do I get the IP and is this the best way to sort this out? I also wondered about changing the MX records and maybe that would be another way to fix it? I started a different blog last year and didn’t have this problem so I’m a bit confused as to why this one isn’t so straightforward…I’ve obviously gone wrong somewhere :(
    Any advice is great!

    The blog I need help with is brydenopticians.wordpress.com.



    Hi. If you mapped a domain name to a WordPress.com blog, this is where you enter the MX records (or any other records, such as A, TXT, etc.) that 123-reg provides you:
    123-reg has to tell you what to enter there. If necessary, show them the link above.



    I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m with 123 reg as well. Where do we find the IP address for our domain/blog ?



    @drmrllpls: If you’re having the exact same problem, then it’s the exact same answer…

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