What is wordpress’s fun mode?

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    I don’t know what the fun mode does. Could someone help me out?



    Hi. If you enable it, you will see a checkbox that says “This post is super awesome” whenever you create or edit a post. I think that’s all. Maybe it did more than that when it was first introduced:


    It adds something to the stats page as well, I think it’s a tab called “Humanize” which takes the number of hits you’ve received and gives you a bit of trivia based on the number.

    Sometimes, after you post, you’ll see a little video of a cheering crowd. But it’s entirely possible that was my own hallucination.



    @johnnytesting: After my initial response to this thread, I read some of the comments left on Matt’s post (see link above) and I come to the conclusion that no, you are not hallucinating :-)

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