What is wrong with my Blog?

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    Riverdauhter.wordpress.com is a good ranking wordpress blog and when we google with its domain “riverdaughter.wordpress.com” then the results comes like first the name of the home page>then in its branch branch pages comes their articles with the titles of the articles.

    But, when i do the same with my domain name the results either comes just the home page with no such branch pages (like i dont have any articles) or if some how the branch pages appears then there are dates of my article posted and not the titles….what’s wrong?

    The blog I need help with is optimizingengine.wordpress.com.



    The unique domain name isn’t as old as the .wordpress.com name, is it?



    Your blog on the wordpress.com subdomian riverdaughter.wordpress.comis indexed by Google (4,200 results) and it’s indexed by Bing (2,210 results). I’m sorry but I have no further help to offer. http://en.support.wordpress.com/search-engines/



    They are selling themselves as a SEO expert and they don’t know why their site is ranking where it does? – I wonder if their clients know that? You two should charge them for the education they are getting.

    Just wondering.



    Sometimes one just rolls one’s eye and moves on – yeah know?


    Are you taking about a custom domain name, or are you talking about the difference between two wordpress.COM urls?






    I think they are comparing riverdaughter.wordpress.com or what ever to the site linked to their name – – the SEO experts that don’t seem to understand their SEO rank.

    Oh well – this forum is always good for a chuckle – I do wonder at times if some of the people that post could cook a microwave meal.



    This spelling returns NULL results Riverdauhter.wordpress.com
    This spelling returns the results I posted above riverdaughter.wordpress.com

    The blog linked to the username is not the blog in question as far as I can tell. It is a blog offering SEO services. I see errors in one of the posts on the front page of it but I’m choosing not to wade in and comment on them.



    I like the part where they are commenting on their own blog telling themselves that they are doing a good job – the other comments seem to me to be spam – I see some other errors that are amusing even to an un-expert like myself –


    I like the part where they are commenting on their own blog telling themselves that they are doing a good job…

    Sheesh, at least log out and go in with a phony username (linked to another one of your black-hat SEO sites).

    Another one of the “black-hat SEO” (spamdexing) techniques?



    GOD!! You people have lots of time to waste huh? Non of you understand the question and u talk rubbish all the way down! Auxclass: If i was to ask a question on ranking and google indexing then what would be a reason to choose a wordpress.com support? dont u think i have my own SEO community? I run a website that offers services not junk! and for your kind information just go through those comments and each comment will lead you to different blogs that works under different services around the world! And to manage a time for updating every single post for my blog…optimize my clients website…and to comment in my own blog making a real blog in a fake name just to prove that my blog is doing good! Trust a normal human need 500 hrs a day to do so….

    U got confused with the question i can understand that but the answer that came from wordpress.com support team…..HOPELESS!!!

    Auxclass:: Its not me who should be charged rather its you and your little brain that should be electrically charged and then charge(money) for understanding English and optimizing your own malfunctioning Brain that unfortunately is full of Junk and garbage!!!!!

    I think this little story should be posted in FB and my SEO community to show how helpful wordpress.com support is!


    riverdaughter.wordpress.com has been around since Jan 18, 2008. That means it has had a lot of time to build up search engine ranking. In addition, wordpress.COM has huge SEO benefits with the tags pages and that all contributes to page rank. It has a page rank of 6/10.

    What other site are you talking about? The one linked to your username, http://optimizingengine.wordpress.com/ ? If so it has a page rank of 0/10. That site is also NOT hosted here at wordpress.COM, so we cannot help you with that site.

    If you are talking about a different site that is hosted here at wordpress.COM, then we need a link to it.


    Sorry, optimize is hosted here, my bad, but it has NO page rank. The first post was November 1 of 2010. Give it some time, it has less than 2000 hits according to the blog stats on the sidebar. And as to why Google isn’t showing additional pages branching under your home page, ask Google.

    It is highly unlikely they are going to do the hierarchical page listings till you get some page rank.

    On note though, if you are going to pad your comments, do it under a different username. Doing it under the username you post on the blog with makes you look desperate and lame and when people see it, they will certainly not take you seriously.

    just sayin…’



    A bit thin skinned maybe??



    Hi – my blog is http://merovee.wordpress.com/ . I had a similar problem last year and after wading through the Google Webmaster forums it appears that the answer lies with the hierarchical order as TSP said .
    Google ranks different parts of your blog such as posts,categories and pages in the order which it feels is most important . How this decision is reached is not known to us mere mortals . So if Google decides the title of the blog is more important than the posts, it will show only the blog title in its searches .
    I just kept on blogging and it corrected itself .



    Well, it’s supposed to be known to professional SEO’s. That’s why he’s so touchy.



    Well I can list 10 factors that will assist when it comes to expediting the search engine indexing process. But I’m sure anyone who is paid to know them already knows what they are, so I won’t post them.


    Moderator Emeritus


    The folks answering your question are volunteers. For the most part this is a peer to peer support forum. It is not useful to be rude.

    In my opinion more than one person posting in this thread has been somewhat less than cordial.

    The question has been answered so there is no need to continue this conversation.

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