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What is wrong with the Global Tag Pages?

  1. I'm having a problem with my posts disappearing from the Global Tags Pages and I've been at this for almost 3 years. I've noticed that the posts initially show up on the tag pages and then something happens and they disappear. I'm posting every night during the week on a case that is currently at trial, the case I started on, and 2 out of 3 mornings I wake up and the post that was there after publishing the night before is gone. I'm following all of the rules for tags and including my category as a tag, no more than 10, no less than 5 (being very specific that they are representing my content). I usually use 10 total, but tried last night to use less than that, and it still happened. I've noticed that every time it does happen that you will see posts from others on the front page from as much as 2 weeks ago, and you could go one 1 page back and find a post from 1 week ago, and maybe mixed in some posts from a few days ago. My posts are not the only ones disappearing, but most people just don't fight it anymore, as it has been going on, on and off for years. WordPress fixes it sometimes and it will go a while without happening and then it starts again. Many of us used to reschedule our posts to put them back, but now that is a no no and it doesn't work anymore anyway. I never did it more than a few times on a single post, but only to put the post back. Sadly people that break all of the rules seem to remain strong on those pages. This is the only real glitch I've ever found with wordpress, but it does cost some readership. I've tried reporting those that break all of the rules, but I just don't have the time to do that anymore. My blog has grown in spite of this problem, and most of my regulars find me anyway, but it is still really not fair.
    It seems to happen on very popular tag pages as the topics are popular.
    At the moment there is a blogger on the Casey Anthony pages that has their post on there 3 different times. My first post that shows up on those pages, is from 2 days ago. I haven't broken any TOS rules, and I don't think my content should be considered "mature", yet 2 out of 3 posts on average are disappearing from those pages.
    I've tried looking on those pages from 2 different computers and 2 different browsers. There is a problem with the global tag pages on popular topics.
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  2. Everything seems to be working well. Keep in mind that some of the more popular tag listings are randomized, and we have over 20 million blogs here, so it's possible that you might not see your posts listed.

  3. Thank you.

  4. You're welcome!

  5. Mine are usually always listed when the problem is not occuring, and as I said the posts will show up at night when posted, and then 2 out of 3 posts will be missing the next morning. Or actually my posts stay about every other day or every couple of days. But that is okay.

  6. Yes, that's the random nature of the listing. Sometimes you'll see your posts, sometimes you won't.

    We have over 20 million blogs here, so if we didn't randomize, some of these tag listings would be nothing but posts made during the last minute.

  7. Thanks for your help.

  8. I'm not sure this is truly random.

    Which part of the post is this occurring in? There are four possible areas.

    1) Featured post on non-tagazine pages (there are one)
    2) Featured post on tagazine pages (there are two)
    3) Related post on tagazine pages (only occurs if you are clicking from your blog from a tagazine page, it repurposes the right "featured post" area on tagazine to show related posts from the blog)
    4) Recent posts on either pages.

    Recent posts (4) should not be randomized, but your post should appear on it and in chronological order with other posts. If it is disappearing, even if you page to the right time, then something is wrong. :-(

    Featured posts on non-tagazine pages (1) is randomized. Any time someone does a new post, a new random post from the front page will be selected and "featured"

    Featured posts on tagazine pages (2) are selected based on an unpublished algorithm. It prefers editor-selected posts which is why the date order may be out of order.

    It sounds to me like what you are talking about is (4). Note that if you are logged in, everything should work fine, but if you are not logged in, then there are some caching issues so users not logged in to WordPress will not see your related posts, or in some cases, they will see related posts of the wrong blog! I plan on fixing this caching issue.

    I hope this helps.

  9. Thanks Tychay! The global tag pages I am referring to are in the chronological order. They have not used the tagazine style on them. I have noticed since I asked this and we had this discussion that now my posts are once again appearing and staying. They were appearing and then disappearing later. One thing I did notice when they were disappearing is that when it would happen, mine were not the only ones, and it seemed that all of a sudden all of the post times (posted just now, or 2 hours ago, etc.) would be all mixed up. Some could be as old as one week ago, or 2 weeks ago, mixed with 4 days ago, etc, and you could go a page back and find more recent posts.

    This was happening on the Caylee Anthony tag page, Casey Anthony, Jose Baez. I would usually realize it by my stats and my readers, if they were going to older posts. While most of my readers go to my home page or are subscribed, I still have some that visit based on what they find on the global tag pages.

    I want to thank you for explaining. You really did help.

    I do have one question.......You mentioned on the other thread that you could safely use up to 30 tags/cats. Why does wordpress tell us to use at least 5 and no more than 10? I am curious about that.

  10. Five to 10 is a recommendation for usage of categories and tags, it's not a limit.

  11. Thanks! I appreciate the reply. In fact I do appreciate all of the help.

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