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What is wrong with WordPress?

  1. I have saved an edited page 8 or 9 times and it isnt updating in view mode. Also after several 3 column theme is now severely changed to display two colums below the body....what the freak is going on with WordPress?

  2. ok now the page is displaying in 3 columns, but no changes I make (adding mar 12 entry) doesnt display after saving changes...

  3. A few bloggers reported a delay yesterday. On occasion changes appear several minutes after having saved them. With a bit of luck your changes will appear...

  4. its been three hours, thanks for the support:)

  5. Sorry. :-D)))

  6. IT appears several posts that have been on the home page are now gone, unless I go into the editor and they are still there. The posts on the home page are nothing more than links to the "Press-Room" (the actual blog itself). All the entries on the blog (press-room) are still there. The excerpts of the blog entries on the main page, some are there, the lastest is not showing up, and two others from feb and jan are now missing (but are still on the blog). When I go into the editor, everything is there for the home page, I click on save (20 to 30 times) and the missing entris don't show up. I'm closing this post as resolved. Never in my 22 years of webmastering have I run into something like this. It's not worth the headache.

  7. irocket - did you contact support? We're mostly volunteers here and have no back-end access. Support is open now and you can use the tab in the upper right of your dashboard. I know how frustrating this must be.

  8. irocket: the most recent posts on page match the most recent posts in your admin (Manage/Posts). No posts have been deleted. Everything looks fine to me.

  9. Ah. On, you've set the blog to display a static post on the front page. If you want the front page of your blog to show the most recent posts, please select "Front page displays: [x] Your latest posts" on the Options/Reading tab of your dashboard.

    Also, it's much easier for people to help if you provide a link to your blog when asking a question about it.

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