What is your experience of WordPress e-mail support?

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    A problem occurred recently with my theme that was, I am pretty sure, a direct consequence of the new Custom editing features. I have posted on here in a couple of places and the only advice I got was that some problem had occurred with my style.css and I should contact WP to get them to reset this.

    I have since done this, twice, the last time maybe 5 days ago now and have had no response to either. So I was wondering if they have a good track record at getting back to you, eventually, or is it worth not bothering contacting them over issues.

    If it is the latter I will be a bit annoyed as my theme is altered, the look of my blog compromised and without their support I am going to have to switch to a new theme which is not the ideal way you want to have to go about things.



    The blog I need help with is onlyvictoryneedsnoexplanation.wordpress.com.

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