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What is your favorite post?

  1. Quite hard but if I'd have to chose I would say that my top five would be the following:

    Last year's Valentine's day at the Eiffel Tower (quite fitting for tomorrow's date):

    A wild fox that inspired me in many ways:

    My ode to Paris

    A shot of a penguin (you can see my reflection in it's eye) that lead to a very interesting research (text):

    A portrait I shot of a friend of mine last summer and that got quite positive feedback in the community :):

  2. some really great photos! thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Ill give you my top three. :)

    On my other blog, the first piece of writing I was actually happy with.

    Me flaming Amy Winehouse after her death.

    Have you ever been star struck?

  4. Beautiful photos!
    I am a WordPress photographer too.
    I guess I'm kind of cheating, I already have a post that is my portfolio, so my favorite post is

  5. My top 3 favourite posts are the following:

    1. My Favourite Villains
    I really love my villains and this article made me realize just how rare good villains are in fiction.

    2. The Many Diseases Found in Fiction (YA Fiction in Particular)
    I have to admit, this one was so fun to write because it gave me a chance to showcase my sense of humour, something I don't get a chance to much on here.

    3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
    When a book has a lot of hype, it's fun to have a dissenting opinion. I didn't think the series was really that great and it got worse, as demonstrated by my low ratings for the second and third books.

    Of course my runner up is an article called Some Thoughts on the YA Genre, in which I point out trends that I see when reading it.

  6. I like this one along with many other posts. infinite-scrolling-wins-users-die

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