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What is your number of views on your highest day?

  1. If you go to your webstats it will tell you the day of your highest visitor count. Tell us your number and what day! I'll start!

    I had 102 visits on March 26th, 2009.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 227 views on March 29'th :O

  3. Busiest day: 3,204 — Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Driven by newspaper coverage of the blog.

    Previous highs were thanks to animal rights and anti-4x4 activists doing their nut over the blog's content. (I raise, kill and eat pigs, and drive a 4x4. I am evil personified!!! )

  4. 27,778. And it was a post about Banksy! Yay for art!

  5. Exactly 907 the day Pharyngula linked to my 20 blogging commandments post. Obscurity before and after.

  6. 78,296. A post about a guy going nuts from being stuck in an elevator.

  7. I remember that one. It was nuts! But you also did pretty well when Fark picked up that one about the New York street over time.

  8. True, I'd forgotten about that one. I just checked again...

    The post about the guy stuck in the elevator actually has all-time hits of 151,250

    The post about the storefront in Harlem, "Harlem's Painted Lady," has gotten all-time hits of 71,612

    I'm ashamed to say how many "Britney's Beaver" has gotten!

  9. The best I got is 412 yesterday, but I'm hopeful that its on the rise, as more people get into designing and programming their own iphone applications.

  10. 62 hits. Feb 7th, 2009.

    if this was a contest.
    i kind of lose.

  11. Overall I've got just over 100,000 hits since November of 2007. By far, my highest day so far was on Kentucky Derby day, 2008 - when something like 5,000 hits came in.

    Evidently I got featured on the Paulick Report - which is like the Drudge Report of horse racing.

    Also had about 3500 hits for Preakness Day - which was cool since I publicly predicted 9 winners in 11 races. Would've been most embarrasing had it been the other way around. :-)

  12. 58 hits Feb 7th 2009. I thought that was high. XD

  13. flowergardengirl

    1,700 hits about Something too Lucious to Keep Quiet About. It is a new flower I was introducing.

  14. survivingdhaka

    umm 30 2 days back lol

  15. 3 today :D

  16. benwaysrustyscalpel

    25 and the day is not through. YAH YAH!

  17. 125 views on March 30th.

  18. benwaysrustyscalpel

    57 actually

  19. 26,489 — August 11, 2008

  20. but for my other blog "sensicology" which can be found here

    its 530 — January 31, 2009

  21. crookedcrocheter

    40 views on saturday (16th April)

  22. 197 April 9, 2009. Since then I broke 100 once and have been averaging 30-50. Wish they would go back up :(

  23. 77

  24. 255 - today & the day hasn't ended yet so expect an update with the final result tomorrow

  25. flowergardengirl

    I do not know why I said 1,700. It was 1,400. Today was second best with 961.

  26. Slightly above 10,000hits. I am only too glad I am catching up on Raincoaster... bit by bit. LOL~
    What can I write to get over 100,000hits in my day...?



  27. if any of us can remember our "highest day." I think mine involved a dorm room at a college I did not attend. :-)

  28. lol kstafford.

    (13,137 — fracas' highest day)

  29. 272, I'm happy with it.

  30. This one - 23,036 — Thursday, February 14, 2008 (Valentine's Day 2008)

    This one - 18,450 — Sunday, April 12, 2009 (Easter Sunday 2009)

    This one - 27,616 — Wednesday, February 14, 2007 (Valentine's Day 2007)

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