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What is your number of views on your highest day?

  1. Currently 303 views and going up!

  2. This one just beat its previous daily record.

    Busiest day: 21,353 — Wednesday, April 29, 2009 (Today)

    Previous busiest day was 18,450 — Sunday, April 12, 2009 (Easter Sunday 2009)

  3. On Monday and Tuesday my "Derby week" posts got some good attention thanks to plug on the "Paulick Report" - which to horse racing bloggers is a holy grail of net traffic (it looks just like drudge, only it's all horse racing).

    Ironically, the most traffic went to "Enter Lady Hope", a post about the top female horse in the country running on Friday, the day before the Kentucky Derby. Go figure. And Go Zenyatta!

    If you're thinking "who the hell is this Zenyatta that Kevin is talking about???", then allow a video I'm quite proud of to introduce you:

  4. Blog has only been around for 21 days, but it has made progress. At 800 hits as of today, with my busiest day being almost 200 hits. Takes a while to get used to these SEO's.

  5. 273 and counting, beating my previous record of 227

  6. Only 1 :(

  7. ^2 now I believe!

  8. DAMN ! final count was 296 on May the 10th, beating my previous record of 227 :(

  9. 1,115.
    Some of the other blogs here get so many views. It's quite impressive. I wish I can get over 10,000 in a day.

  10. benwaysrustyscalpel

    How the fck to u people generate that kinda interest?

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