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what is your opinion about wordpress?

  1. we want to know

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This would be better put in the off topic forum rather than in the main support forum which is for answering questions and solving problems for those using wordpress.

  3. And by the way, your username links to a dead blog.

  4. This topic is now part of the "Off Topic" forum

  5. i like it

  6. @gigfisanchez
    So do I and I have blogs on, blogspot and tumblr as well as self hosted wordpress. :)

  7. I love WordPress... I think I just feel classier than I would on any other site. :D Silly? Yes! But I've been having a great time.

  8. is the most user friendly and self explainitory site I have personally used, and it allows you to do what you want for the most part. For amateurs like myself, wordpress wasn't hard to get addicted to. I generally check mine a gagillion times a day and I'm always trying to find a cool new way to grab the readers attention. I am very happy with this website as I'm sure almost everyone here is. :)

  9. I agree, it is user friendly. The interface is nice and clean, support is bountiful, and everything is great in all other aspects.

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