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What is your procedure for when people reply to their own comment...?

  1. michaelcargill

    When someone replies to their own comment to correct a spelling mistake, what do you usually do? I do this:

    - Correct the spelling mistakes in the first comment.
    - Completely change their follow-up comment to say something like "I am a magical bumble-bee who likes to eat lettuce. When I wake up each morning there are sometimes snails on my pillow."
    - Await their 'omg i has been hacked!' response.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Whatever floats your boat...

  3. Michael Cargill.

    I salute you, Sir.

  4. phoenixtearsheal

    :( not kind to edit someone's comment :(

    This shows exactly why I was right to choose
    not to comment ever again on anyone's blog.

    I didn't initially make this choice for that reason,
    rather it was to protect everyone in case my email
    account was ever hacked,
    but that someone would edit a comment .... !

  5. I'm pretty sure Michael was kidding.

    Also, I'm not sure what your email account being hacked has to do with leaving a comment?

  6. Hah Cargers doesn't have a sense of humour, he only tells the truth.

  7. You shouldn't choose Option #1 unless you have a written contract in place and get 50% of your editing fee upfront.

  8. michaelcargill

    Thank you Anna. You may steal this idea and use it for your own, nefarious purposes if you so desire.

  9. My commenters were all elementary school spelling bee champions so I don't usually have that problem.

  10. Why are you all much bothered about spellings?
    See this and relax

  11. @michaelcargill

    When someone replies to their own comment to correct a spelling mistake, what do you usually do? I do this:

    I am a visually challenged person and mu app does not always discern spelling errors. For example in places I meant to have "you" appear the app may not detect that "your" is the wrong word. Becoming visually challenged following ahead injury was a huge downer for me. It took 22 months to recover and the result was not only visual impairment but also pronounced dyslexia as well.

    I was so apprehensive about my typos and spelling errors that I rarely left comments as they had mistakes in them that made me want to crawl under a rock. I almost quit blogging but my readers encouraged me not to.

    When I see an error in a comment I made on a blog I do submit a corrected comment but I don't do this "Completely change their follow-up comment ". I am so grateful to those who detect my typos when I leave comments and correct them prior to approving the comments. I'm likewise grateful to those who receive a second comment from me to correct the first one and post it and delete the first one.

  12. @michaelcargill

    Completely change their follow-up comment to say something like "I am a magical bumble-bee who likes to eat lettuce. When I wake up each morning there are sometimes snails on my pillow."

    I had to answer the phone so I came back to add more. IMO that only a self-absorbed and mean spirited little prickle with all the makings of a troll would do that. Capice?

  13. illsleepwhentheyregrown

    I find this Q&A to be both amazing and insightful. I fully give you permission, Michael, to alter any re-commenting about spelling errors, as long as you make me sound a) funny or b) awesome. Or a combo of the two. But let's assume that my first comment is error-free and already funny-awesome?

  14. nothingisdifferent

    @Michael Cargill are most certainly not a troll. I've yet to see anything said with a tongue so firmly in cheek it appears you have a growth.

    @Timethief--Congratulations on recovering, and continuing to blog! Hopefully, your ability to detect someone pulling our collective leg will return soon, and, you can go back to laughing at something as idiotic as the post Michael put forth. I do hope you are Sicilian, as we tend to frown on non Sicilians (although we do allow the Boot Italians to use the word, too) using the word, capice. See? That was said tongue in cheek.

    Not really.

    As for me, well, I don't make errers, so, I never worry about the whole thing.

  15. If people want a typo corected, I correct the typo and delete the second comment. I assume that is what the commenter really wants. No-one has complained!

    I wish people would do the same for me!

  16. nothingisdifferent

    Did you see where I said 'are' and not 'is'?


  17. I am a victim of Michael Cargill's comment hacking attack.

    Here is my story...

    Nearly a month ago I found a post of Mr. Cargill's that I thought was decently funny. Well more like passably funny. Anyway, being the good blogger that I am, I left a nice heartfelt, appreciative comment. Then upon re-reading the comment after posting it I realized I made a blunder of epic proportions. Jumping into action, I made a second comment requesting that Mr. Cargill fix my mistake. I didn't want the other bloggers to think of me as an idiot. I have a Bachelors of Science degree.

    Now all I had to do was wait. Will he fix it? Or will he not? Mr. Cargill promptly fixed a mistake of mine and he deleted my request comment, BUT then he added a PERVERTED question. I don't remember which post it was, but if you find it - the world will not end for you in 2012.

    I have emailed the WordPress techs about this issue and this is how they responded...

    "You're American right? Sue him."

    - Bitter

  18. @becomingbitter
    Though I wasn't aware of your story I suspected that there would be those who had been victimized by others. I'm sorry that happened to you.

  19. The odd typo from those who comment don't bother me. I tend to leave them in, unless they indicate that they want an amendment.

    @michaelcargill, If you want to turn my typos into a magical bumble bee, I'd be more than happy for you to do so. It would be an honour, sir! (note, I used the British spelling of honor, as it should be ;-) )

  20. michaelcargill

    Pien, you can typo round my gaff any time you like. British English, American English or Canadian English is fine by me.

    Not Australian English though.

  21. Michael, Australian English is British English!

  22. michaelcargill


    Insert 'I am shocked and appalled, sir' picture if true.

  23. nothingisdifferent

    Dear @timethief,

    You've either missed the boat entirely on what is obviously a thread full of silliness and droll answers, or, you are taking the piss.

    Even though the second answer would be kinda messy, I'm in the hopes that is, indeed, correct, because if it's the first one, well, I'd suggest you let other people explain things to you until you get your funny back.



  24. I have Pete to catch all my Typo's, and Leave me little Happy Faces after Correcting them... I suspect he gets some sort of demented pleasure out of this, and thus do not Correct them, nor Remove his Correction, ha


  25. Its funny! Why're people tripping haha

  26. kennethmarkhoover

    I don't worry about it, myself, but that's just me. :P

  27. I prefer editing it to say "WHARRRGARBLLL".

    But seriously, I never knew there were so many sensitive people who care about comments that much. Its just comments.

  28. You didn't? What are you doing on the internet, you sweet, innocent child?

  29. Timethief has been commenting on my blog for a long time now, and whenever I see a typo I know where it's coming from and know what she means, so I'll go in and make it right and then update it. If she's sent me another comment alerting me to the mistake - that's happened more than once - I'll delete it. No harm done.

    @becomingbitter - the PERVERTED question you received demands linkage, if available.

  30. The comment she is referring to is in the middle of the comments on this post:

    Perverted question for Bitter

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