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What is your procedure for when people reply to their own comment...?

  1. Ahahaha!

  2. lettershometoyou

    Still looking, but I guess it's how you define it.

  3. Boys and girls who are taking this thread seriously please untwist your panties and boxers.

    Michael is just joking.

    I am just joking.

    Our sense of humor may not appeal to you, but nobody gives a flapjack about it.

    The only reason why he edited my comment the way he did is because he knows exactly what will get a reaction out of me. We have that type of comment-ship.

    He talks about my ass.

    I talk about kicking his.

    He talks about meeting me.

    I talk about killing him.

    He talks about what amazing person I am.

    I talk about what a decent minion he makes.


    Michael would never edit someone's comment in such a way as to hurt their... comment editing sensibilities.

    The only reason why typos in my own comments bother me at all is because it's the perfectionist in me from my university and job. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Now, I don't really care if I do make a typo. As long as the people understood what I was trying to say, that's all that matters.


    That is all.


    As far as I can tell I am the only one who has posted into this who took the statement thread seriously. That could be because the thread was posted in the wrong forum. The Showcase Forum is for blog promotion threads. It could also be because it has no tags for "humor blog" or "comedy blog". It could also be because I lack a sense of humor. You SHOUTED! You're dismissed.

  5. lettershometoyou

    I don't think you lack a sense of humour at all, TT.

    There was nothing to indicate it was all just banter.

  6. @letterhometoyou
    I think the "teaser" in the OP re: changing other people's comments was supposed to be so intriguing that we would click in and then cotton to the fact it was a humor blog.

  7. nothingisdifferent

    Dear Letters and Time,

    If I'm not mistaken, and--I could be as I'm totally new to this blogging thing--it was established many comments ago that this thread was for giggles. Perhaps it was in the wrong category (lord help me with someone of the tags I put on my work, then!), perhaps the dryness of the original comment and the later ones just swirled by like a dust devil. @lettershometoyou says, "There was nothing to indicate it was all just banter. " Wait. What? A good 3/4 of the comments made to the first post are very, very clear it was banter. In fact, my comments alone are so specific in bringing that obvious fact to the forefront, there can be absolutely no lack of understanding, unless it's someone being deliberately obtuse. Either way, it's been established by now that it was and is all about silliness, so, the continuing comments from the two of you are still questioning the entire thing because...?

    As far as dismissing Bitter--bad form! Look!! I chided and didn't yell!! Yay, me!!



  8. @nothingisdifferent
    Thanks for you ongoing need to post explanations. Had you not done that earlier on I would not have known this was a "humor" thread. You're also dismissed for defending a SHOUTER! And I'm sure both of you thick skinned comedians will be able to get over that in a thrice right? ;)

  9. nothingisdifferent


    Thank you for your opinion. It was deeply appreciated, and, I want to thank you for playing.

    Monty, do we have a parting gift for our contestant? No? Alas!



  10. And some days, EVERYONE gets their periods at once.

  11. nothingisdifferent



  12. I am now so damn confused. Friday 13th, that is what it is.

    @Raincoaster - only if the women live together. Scientifically proven, you know.

  13. My girlfriend and her mother have their periods synced. Quite the talent.

  14. My periods stopped ever since I had my reassignment surgery and turned into a camel.

  15. Camel/Sheep relationships are illegal :O better call the Five Oh.

  16. Oh yeah, the sheep! What was his name? Was it Steve or Phil or something? Whatever his name was, he was quite delicious.

    Lol, JOKE! We turned him into a rug instead.

  17. Good, I hope you are okay, I know divorce can be hard. Especially when the only word they can say is Baaaaaaa.

  18. @theinsanityaquarium I wish you could Like or +1 comments here. That was awesome.

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