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What is your Rock Star Name?

  1. thelifeofmarkwhitecotton

    Take your Mom's Dad's First Name and then Add Your Dad's Dad's First Name = Your Rock Star Name

    Irvin Ives

  2. Robert Fredrick...thats not a cool rock star name for a chick

    I want mines to be something else, but Im horrible at names people and things so I can't think of an adequate rock star name for me.

  3. thelifeofmarkwhitecotton

    Like mine is a cool rock star name? :P Maybe if I were an American Bandstand Star

  4. Joseph Bus

    Wow. How redneck does THAT sound?

  5. Mancel, no

  6. Wesley Robert

  7. I think Mancel Omowali sounds cool, really. Dark, strong, and divine...

  8. Franz Ferdinand. Wow I never realized that both of my grandfathers first names are the same as one of my favorite bands ever!!!! Of course if I took my step-grandfathers named it would Björn Gayoff.

  9. Fernando Rafael?

    With that name, I'd only get far singing sappy, slow-paced love songs.

  10. ceylanthewriter

    Williams Akkor?

    Last name sounds cool, not first. Especially for a girl! Eek!

  11. tenthredemption

    Armando Armando

    No...I'm not kidding. And parents were NOT siblings...ewwww. Two different dads...same first name. Go figure.

  12. Ram Venkatararam....rolls off the tongue

  13. lol foodhere!! mine would be even crazier!

  14. Stephen Tad

    pretty hot.

  15. ^^ if i were a dude.

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