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What Kind Of A Mood Are You In And Why?

  1. 82 degrees is cool? If it’s 82 degrees out then I need shorts on. When you get down into the 40’s that’s when you can say it’s cool.
    I’m kind of bored and annoyed because my sister is being her loud boisterous self. She’s being crazy hyper while sitting still and just burped really loud. Ugh and now she’s fanning other bodily gasses at me. Somebody rescue me please!

  2. there's this guy on cold case, skater, with gorgeous eyes. big, blue, and long eyelashes. yum.

  3. Damn it's 3:00AM and I should be sleeping, but I can't cuz I'm too excited >.< Finally found a song I was searching for one year, when I heard it in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Even had to make a post about it, now I'm going to listen it until the morning. And I have college in less than 5 hours.

    Life is good!

  4. Discouraged. Failed on my plans today, miserably. Plus the only assignment @ work that made me feel significant at work was given to someone else behind my back... again. I've worked for three years at the same company, I work three times as hard as anyone else, yet I keep getting treated like disposable crap. Nothing that I do matters. Too bad with this economy I can't afford to look for a job that makes me happy.

  5. You've only got to stay there for a little while longer though. It’s only a few years now until the economy gets better.

    I’m a little impatient at the moment. We’ve been waiting since last night to hear whether or not the sellers of our dream house have accepted our proposal or someone else’s. It’s driving me insane not hearing from them, even though I know that they accepted our offer. Don’t ask me how, I just know.

  6. Feeling good today because it is the weekend. Will stay up late tonight, will wake up late tomorrow morning and relax all day. Then WORK on Monday. Not bothered though, there is always next weekend.

  7. feeling quite mellow right now. Probably because I'm stoned.
    Going to watch and absolutely crap film called dragon wars for a laugh

  8. Dragon Wars SUCKED. How can you take a giant flying creature called the “imugi” seriously?

    I’m annoyed because my stupid landlord left his 20 something year old son here so my dogs can’t go outside at the moment which means I’ve got to keep a constant eye on them so they don’t go potty anywhere. They're barking really loud right now so I'm thankful he's got his car running.

  9. anticipitory, i suppose, is the correct word. it's a week til halloween, i still don't have anything for my costume eccept for my staff, which is my wand, and a pair of shoes. there's this one dress, for a baroness costume, and it is beautiful, and it fits me great, and i don't look fat in it at all. so why do i not have anything for my costume? because the damn thing is $50, and my aunt won't buy it for me. grr...

  10. I’m not dressing up for Halloween this year; I don’t really feel like running around in the rain again.

    I’m almost… happy? Is that the word? Surely not, but I fear it must be.
    Nothing bad happened at school today, it was almost… normal? Sorry I haven’t written happy thoughts for such a long time I’ve forgotten how to do it. When I got home I got straight to my homework for once in my life. I was done super fast which is so weird I can’t even explain. I haven’t turned on the TV yet which is also soo bizarre. I got to do an hour of my online class, which means I did seven hours of school today, two of which were the same subject (one online the other in school). Now I’m watching my two littlest run circles around the house because the just got baths.

  11. Screw the double posting rule at the moment, I’m pissed… again!
    I can’t believe how much my sister annoys me. She is being super selfish right now. Yesterday I started a really good schedule centered around the quite. So what does my sister do? Decides that today is the one day she wants to watch TV and won’t leave even though she’ll be gone in ten minutes anyway. FUCKIN annoying. I was in such a decent mood today too! I want nothing more than to grab the remote turn off the TV and throw the remote out the window into the woods behind my house. Plus my sister is eating right now and she likes to eat like a pig. She chews as loudly as possible and opens her mouth after every bite. It’s really unappetizing. I feel bad for saying it but I’m truly disgusted when she eats around me. Can I say anything though? No, heaven forbid my fragile little sister (who likes to play football and is beefier than I am) might have some hurt feelings. UGH!!! I just want her to get to her room as fast as possible so I don’t have to deal with her anymore!

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