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What kind of blogs do you normally read?

  1. What topics interest you the most and why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Most of the blogs I follow are either tech related, or the personal blogs of my friends. i also follow the blogs of my favorite writers and podcasters.

  3. yardlessgardening

    I follow topics like baking, gardening, writing advice, motivational blogs. I do most of these activities in my own life, so it's nice for me to come across a like-minded person.

  4. Cycling, liveable communities, knowledge management (latter is related to my profession) and occasional foodie blogs (I'm very selective for latter.)

  5. For whatever reason (and I don't know if this is just the stalker in me speaking, or what) but I adore personal blogs that aren't overly personal. That's how my own blog is..."genre-less", I guess you could describe it. "Expressionful". That sort of thing.

  6. lettershometoyou

    Any blog that isn't corporate. For example, if it's part of the cheezburger group, I click away.

  7. The ones that speak to you. Yeah when its like dam i can relate, and you dig the style. and humor. Even if your Hard Core Emo. humor is awesome. taking the piss out of one's self very important.

  8. i'm interested reading about family life, and viewing photos.

  9. I intereted with the same thing I post in my blog, book and movie reviews or anything else related to books and movies.

  10. As above I like blogs somewhat like my own, mainly those about photoraphy and writing.

  11. hollythestrange

    I'll read any blog. I'm hoping to find someone who makes less sense than me.

  12. I am really only discovering blogs and I am amazed by practically all of them, there have been a couple which I have not understood but I am sure that is a generational thing in other words I am a boring old lady f*rt in some ways. I can't say I like any particular thing more than another at the moment though I have enjoyed reading some where people are very humerous in their take on life.(my fav one so far of these is pie and biscuit) I also enjoyed tarottruth (I think that is right) which is on my own main subjects.

  13. I agree that I never read a blog with a commercial tie-in. If it's their job then they shouldn't be trying to pass off an article as a blog - they are getting paid for it! I like amusing blogs about life - like mine! Some bloggers forget they have readers and are too dry.

  14. I'll read almost anything if I like the style. But in truth, I have a lot of trouble finding blogs that interest me... people's day to day affairs get boring pretty quickly and there aren't a lot of good blogs out there relating to the things I'm interested in.

  15. I read a wide variety of blogs in many niches. An eccentric gulf islander, a passionate wordpress blogging tips blogger, a meditator, personal development & self improvement blogger.

  16. Ah....I find just about anything interesting. But following the obvious rule that any individual is going to be slightly more interested in someone's blog that likes the same things they do, blogs about writing, music, art, philosophy, general rants and raves...any of those would interest me. But so would a variety of other things : D

  17. I love love love personal blogs. That's why I started my own blog. Check it out~!

  18. i like blogs written about the arts (theatre, literature etc.) and just life in general. But happy blogs about life, not depressive suicidal ones haha

  19. hellowordsalad

    I like blogs that are maintained by positive thinking individuals. Or witty individuals. That will do.

  20. I read few beauty blogs, actually they must consist scientific reviews like I don't read those who tell you what nail polish color is the current trend.
    I also enjoy music blogs that cover upcoming artists and unknown genres, lifestyle blogs, blogs about Communications and Public Relations or Journalism (my field of study).

  21. Religious blogs and Tech blogs are my favorite. Im not a big fan of weird blogs.

  22. Tech blogs, (professional-looking) personal blogs, and blogs about literature.

  23. erotic blogs mostly....they're SEXYYY

  24. I mostly enjoy reading about tech, games, and manga. me and a few friends got a tech blog, feel free to check it out!

  25. I like either casually written posts or those by experts..blogs that seem too witty or carefully edited aren't my cup of tea!

  26. I enjoy reading blogs that tempt the mind into thought.

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