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What Kind of Craziness Made You Laugh Today?

  1. OK I will go first.
    With something that happened at work last week in the adjunct faculty office.

    So here we are sitting around at our shared computers, chattering about this unpaid bill and that warrant for not paying city taxes. ..that ache or pain left unmedicated, food pantry suggestion, medicaid application. . . :)
    When all of a sudden my favorite fancypants colleague breaks out a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash and proceeds to gargle.
    Yes. You heard me.
    Fancypants friend
    In the office.
    Because who wants to hang out and talk about the poverty in our profession with emaciated hunger breath? :)
    He also does a pretty kickass impression of Bob Ross the painter of happy clouds too. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My neighbor took over an hour and a half just to wash his car. It's a compact. Go figure.

  3. This video made me laugh on my lunchbreak. It was just too funny not to share!

  4. aaroncohenphotography

    I took a photoshoot for my photography blog, and one of the baby goats wouldn't stop sticking their tongue out! >> GOAT-O-SHOOT!

  5. The amount of junk you find underneath a coffee table. Today I found an university exam paper. Ha that was two years ago. Wow.

  6. Lol @ Anna :D that's a profesh bin man that is.

    I dug myself into a hole today by talking to a lass named Sue in the warehouse.

    "Who do you want? Rachel?"
    "No, I want you... well you know, not sexually... Not that I wouldn't or anything but you know, we're at work and that'd be inappropriate. So stop with your advances, shut up and listen."


  7. Haha you all are funny! Today I went to the Library and had to ask this cutie nerd behind the counter about a book and I swear it was one of the most ackward moments of my life and probably his too but yet he seemed to like me and I kinda liked him too. Ackward nerd love I guess. And the person who came with me walked away so i could "Try to get one of the cute boys to help me find the book" and she practically winked at me. I feel so ackward thinking about the person who came iwht me inferring that I could get the guy to help me because I'm cute but I didn't feel cute at all. I felt ackward. Now im in the middle of confused feeling of either blushing or laughing!! SO Ackward and embarrassing but funny well maybe not...oh well

  8. I wasn't able to sleep last night, so I figured I'd pull an all-nighter and work on some ideas for future blog posts. When I stay up all night, I get really giddy and think everything is delightful. I woke my boyfriend up at 5:30am demanding that he help me build a pillow fort. He tried, poor thing, but his pillow forts suck! The pillow fort I built for him was infinitely better. :)

    Maybe not the craziest thing, but it was a cute moment between us that made me giggle.

  9. hmm i really laugh everytime my baby gets mad because he's crying loud while screaming.. "ayayadayayayayeeyyee" its so cute and funny if i only have a video of it you may also laugh but not that much. i guess im just a laughy person thats why even little things makes me really laugh.

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