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What made you choose WordPress?

  1. Do you have any experience with other sites, like Blogger? If so, which do you prefer?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Yes, I have blogged for over 7 years and 6 have been here. I have experience with several other blogging platforms including Blogger and Tumblr and diary sites shall not be named. I'm not into spending hours on social networks and forums attempting to promote my blogs via chit chat. I blog because blogging is my passion. I have zero interest in monetizing my blogs. I'm here because it's by far where I prefer to be. I moved my personal blog back here from a self-hosted install last year. I'm paying for a No-Ads upgrade to keep ads off my blogging tips blog.

  3. I've experienced Blogdrive, Blogger, LiveJournal and Of all of them, WordPress is the best, but it seriously pisses me off with the way everything is changed so often and sometime in the future, if I can ever get enough mental concentration to do it, I shall move to self-hosted. If I ever can, though that's doubtful at the moment.

    Blogdrive was too insecure for me (it might have changed since then but the last time I looked it'd become pretty spammy), LiveJournal was fine til it, too, started making unacceptable changes which in my opinion affected blogging security (they have 'friends filters' there and they were changing the way they were used). Blogger is fine for some people but didn't suit me. It's difficult for people to comment there and even I couldn't reply to comments in my own blog. Currently there's a commenting problem at that is very reminscent of other free bloghosts.

    Really all the free blog hosts are much of a muchness, all have their good points, all have their bad. I like WordPress for some features that I can't get on any other site.

    I've also (more recently) tried but there is no secure login and barely any support documentation, and one has to post fairly regularly or ones blog can get deleted - all those put me off, a lot. I also have tried (for blogging though it's usually used for websites), and I didn't get on with that for much the same reasons as

  4. The thought of the untold riches that shall be mine through the Ad Words program.

  5. I started with Blogger and was with them for a grand total of..........2 days. Worked on a post for hours and lost it. (probably my own mistake) Such was my utter despair that I immediately searched for another platform and WP sounded more professional somehow. So here I am.

  6. I was lazier, I just landed on WordPress. And didn't look further.

  7. invisiblemikey

    Nothing MADE me. I decided. I used another platform for 2 days and found the interface "clunky". The software here's better engineered, and the navigation's good. It sure didn't hurt that others whose blogs I already liked reading were here before me.

  8. I've got blogs at blogger and have come here b/c bloggers at a forum site I beling to (Blog Catalog) seemed to like it. As I began with another spot, it has taken me some time to get 'used to' things around here - but I like the more advanced stats and some of the functions here which Blogger doesn't offer yet. Is it hard to move blogs from one site to another?

  9. WordPress is very convenient and easy to use. Plus , it provides a good connectivity between blogs.

  10. My daughter made me choose WP. I had moved from the Bigpond platform ( they've since sold to hotmail, I think) to Blogger because Bigpond were too buggy and no support.

    Blogger just wasn't as good.

    Tumblr is not really my style.

  11. It's mainly because two of the blogs I followed (reynardnoir and This Week in Milford) were already on WordPress. I thought their sites looked a lot better than the ones that I followed on blogger or blogspot. More professional looking. Less... obviously a blog.

    Plus the commenting system is far less disorienting. Word to the wise to other blogging sites: if the site navigates you to another page just to post a comment, there's a good chance you've lost a reader.

  12. I had followed 'The Slog' blog and I liked there appearence.

    + it was free with 2gb and as it was an experiment and familiar, I went with it.

    Having signed up, I also like the support of this forum.

  13. In a tech-oriented generation, I'm kind of a Luddite. So I chose WordPress because I liked the layout, it was very easy to set up and it doesn't run very many ads at all. You don't have to be very tech-oriented to run a blog on WordPress, which I absolutely loved. I'd have to agree with rooktopia; it's also more professional looking.

  14. roughseasinthemed

    I was on blogger for nearly five years.

    Initially I thought it was fine. You didn't need much HTML knowledge to be able to happily fiddle with the templates, and I achieved just the look I wanted on all my blogs. I tried WP about a year after I first started and thought it was awful, ghastly themes and no ability to customise for free, by which I mean changing widths, colours, fonts - everything for free.

    I made the big mistake of clicking on 'try our new interface' and it was vile, so I clicked back. But my blogs wer never the same again, the fonts were awry and I was unhappy with the look. On one of them, all the paragraphs merged. Going into every post on blog with 1000 words or so to separate the paragraphs all over again is no fun. (this is not the latest new interface btw, this is a previous one).

    The final straw came when I couldn't get into my blogs, and despite endless emails, they only way they would unlock it was by giving them a mobile 'phone number. I really thought that was unacceptable.

    So I came over here again and discovered a wealth of free themes, ok no HTML fiddling with them, but enough choice for me to choose ones I am happyish with.

    I don't like some of the recent changes (email notification of follow-up comments as a default option, and the switch from topics to reader being the main examples). I do like being able to read blogs I follow, I love the orange square that notifies me automatically who has replied or said something somewhere on my blog or to my comment, blogs I follow within dashboard is a good feature, these are all aspects that weren't within blogger.

    It was much easier to browse new blogs and attract new readers via the old topics, less so now.

    However, the absolute winning points for me are that the design of my blog doesn't change (unless I change it) and blogs have to be about appearance, and no-one has locked me out of my blog. Yet.

    Oh, I also tried another fairly small blog host as well in the early days, can't even remember the name. Not enough flexibility and not a major player.

    Blogger design was good. The only change it should have made was to try and build a community for browsing other relevant blogs (rather than just hitting on the next random one), and linking replies to comments.

  15. roughseasinthemed

    Sorry! I've switched backwards and forwards when I am describing the two different experiences between blogger and wordpress.

    I'm guessing the answers you get on here, are almost certainly going to be from people who say they prefer wordpress though, or they wouldn't be here would they?

    I tried to explain why I do though, and the problems I had with blogger, that pushed me into making the change.

  16. eatingdisorderstuff

    I started blogging with wordpress when it was new. My very first blog was on blogspot (blogger) back in like 2003 or 2004, and then I switched to a site called bravenet, and then I was back on blogger because I liked the freedom it gave me to design my own layouts.

    I switched to wordpress, even though I couldn't design my own layouts, because I liked the "cleanness" and simplicity of the site. I also liked the detailed dashboard and stats.

  17. I like WP's clean and professinal design. I find Blogspot's layout to be too cluttered and sort of reminds me of MySpace. Whereas WP reminds me of Facebook. I don't think I've ever seen an attractive looking Blogspot blog before.

  18. roughseasinthemed

    Blogger has limited its range of themes for some unknown reason.

    I thought mine - - was pretty clean. There are other - and better - ones out there than mine.

  19. I was clueless & googled "how to start a blog". WordPress was the clearest one for me to figure out! And then the more I used it, the more I noticed things on other blog sites that made me happy to have chosen it.

  20. My teacher told me WordPress, so I just ended up here. Never tried anything else!

  21. It's easy to use that even a non-coder person can easily know how to customize his own wordpress website. :)

  22. I really like the options you have on WP! Other blogsites seem much simpeler en more 'standard'. Here, you can actually do whatever you like with your lay-out! Love it :-)

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