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What makes?

  1. I've read a few forum posts and I've looked through a few blogs and I'm still on the fence on what actually make a blog interesting. Though the point of my blog will only be read by a few (kinda a downer) I still would like to know for future reference and all that jazz. so, if you have a popular blog or a blog at all could you tell me what makes it so readable? so enjoyable? so super-duper?

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  3. and I guess I'm suppose to add a link to mine, so here it is:

  4. My blog isn't too popular, although I can answer your question. There's no straightforward action to take to make your blog have a million visitors. But here are the most important things:

    -Make sure the layout is clean and useable
    -Stick to a specific topic most of the time
    -Write good posts (most important)
    -Comment on other people's blog and link to yours
    -Use Facebook, Twitter, and Stumbleupon to your advantage
    -Search Engine Optimization helps a lot

    Really, though, if you write well enough, after a while you'll get tons of visitors. I've had blogs in the past, I know from experience.

  5. My blog is not popular too...I agree with noignorance, but I don't write in specific topic

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