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what makes an interesting blog

  1. Well, I've only made a few entries in my blog. I had some awesome pics for some more blogs and then I lost my camera. Anywho, I would like to know some tips of the trade for a blogger newbie. My aim is to gain friends in faraway places and let them experience my life as I experience theirs. I know the first step is to get past my blogger block.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is not really a technical support issue so I will flag the thread and have our Moderators move it to wither the Showcase or Off-Topic forum for you.

    What attracts readers is engaging writing on interesting topics. As far as tips go you can click my username if you wish and visit my Popular Posts page.

  3. @cbs321 for me I find a blog interesting if it is "human". By that I mean appears to be written by someone who just talks as if they are having a conversation with me. Long-winded or dry boring "do this, do that, go here, go there" kind of blogs are just that BORING!

    I like humor as well. I mean we all make mistakes and the person who isn't afraid to fess up to them is someone I can relate to. I mean come on...if you post that your ripped your pants in church, not only will you make me laugh but I will be able to say...hey me too!

    I also look for post or blogs that aren't just words. Pictures, songs etc add character. There are 10 thousand blog here that are all "techy types" where the bloggers drain your brain with tons of information but never show any personality. I click right past them regardless of what they have to offer.

    Bottom line...just be yourself, post about things that your passionate about and chances are you are going to do great. :) Best of luck to you, I am now a subscriber so I am looking forward to listening to what you have to say.

  4. @cbs321 From one newbie to another, Timethief nailed it! engaging writing and interesting topics. If you're looking to really learn something about blogging, Timethief's
    is far and way the best!

    You can check my new blog Personal Reflections From The Underground It's an eye opener.

  5. @cbs321 I forgot to add, be passionate in your writing.

  6. Maybe I am crazy, but I enjoy reading blogs that are about more than one main topic. For example, if you have a photography blog, throw in some funny life stories, or recipes, or something... anything. And update it often. It sucks, it seems that all of the cool blogs I have found, are only updated every few months. Why would I bother to follow those?

  7. @chrisalour I invite you to look mine over...I update on a regular basis and hopefully you will find something to make you laugh.

  8. @chrisvalour
    I know what you mean. I also read personal blogs that are on a multiplicity of topics. The bloggers are excellent writers and have engaging writing styles that keep me reading right to the very end of articles on topics I otherwise had little interest in.

  9. I have a strapline on my blog: "the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright ridiculous," which gives me the freedom to write about... well, just about anything.

  10. theproducerexperiment

    I started a blog last week following my experiment to quit a full time job and produce my first feature film.

    only a week down the line, and I'm already starting to give in to writing about funny / obscure things that happen to me and which aren't directly related to "the producer experiment". but after reading the comments above, maybe this isn't a bad thing...

  11. I think 'interesting' is really subjective.

    I'm 15, will be 16 in a month. I am an aspiring poet, but most of all I enjoy connecting with different people, and communicating with people about whatever their hobbies are and of course, my own poetry.

    I am not your average teenager. I live in Hong Kong, and the poems I write are not purple prose.
    Hey, but I'm so so so interested in many of the bloggers out there, and I want to bring more people into my world as well through the poems I write.
    I'm trying to reach out.

    This may make me an interesting person to some, but to others they just don't really care about poetry. So it's about firstly developing a blog on a certain type of post - such that you can draw people with similar interests easier - you can see that photography blogs often draw a lot of responses because it's a rather common interest.

    Something that is interesting will probably have to stand out from all the other voices other there, and sometimes, it's just pure luck.
    I stumble across some blogs I love, but I'm sure they're not the only good ones out there; It was by luck.

    I'm having some problem generating interest in my blog, but I guess it is like so for all newbies.
    Nice to meet you :)

  12. I find blogs interesting when they touch on controversial topics, but leave them open to discussion. Or, personal blogs that are so real and humorous.

    Also, feel free to check out my blog:

  13. I tried some things.

    check it out



  14. wordsdivinelywrought


    Not sure if you know that I featured your blog today, along with several others I learned about recently in the Showcase forum. I wasn't able to locate your email address to notify you.

    My intention is to spotlight various bloggers whose content or tone resonates with my focus on "intelligent inspiration for evolving humans." Please stop by and see my current post for more.

    Thank You!

  15. cbs321,

    My tips would be the following:

    - Write about something you are passionate about.
    - Write for YOU, show your passion for writing, readers you pick up after that are ALL bonus.(you are writing for PEOPLE not stats after all!)
    - Write often.
    - Include photos if appropriate
    - Include humour.
    - Fill in your "About" page, it's the place I first go to on a blog after reading the post that drew me in...(I hear lot of other people do the same)
    - Follow other Bloggers who have similar interests to yours, and I mean FOLLOW, not just pop in to leave one comment and then never return.
    - make meaningful comments, ( NOT just "liked it") and get to know the people you are following, they will in turn want to get to know you.
    - Be open to new ideas and views... (I posted and one of the comments opened up an entirely different way of looking at the subject that then one I posted, It sparked discussion and gave ME a new perspective.
    - Credit other Bloggers if a post they made sparks and idea for one you want to write ( see above link for an example of this too).
    - Have a "stash" of ideas for blog posts and save them as drafts, fine tune them to finished state and keep them for days when you are suffering writers block / when you are travelling and can't post / have family stuff going on 200% / or you are sick....
    - Use the "scheduled" feature so that your posts go out the same time of day (any time of your choice) my readers don't have to guess when my next post will be .
    - BIGGEST TIP for last is " Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content, Content,.....

    I can't emphasize that last one ENOUGH... recycling the same old-same old is BORING, people won't come back.
    Aim high, try and write creatively.. in depth, do some research, check facts.
    Do you want to open 500 post that only say" Volcano stops air traffic in Europe" and nothing else,?Duh we know that information already from about 20 000 sources... or do you find it interesting to read personal accounts, the sad the funny, the personal, the insider story?

    Heres my Volcano story...

    Having a "twist" on a theme often makes a story and very often the most unlikely posts will be the most popular.

    - Have FUN blogging.. it WILL eat TIME, but if you love it, then it's great, if it's a burden and a chore then maybe Blogging isn't for you.

    Have a Go and have FUN.. WELCOME to the Bloggosphere! :)

  16. just write. write what you know. read blogs on what you like to read. get technical. get inspirational. whatever it is you are gifted at. some people blog about pets, children, cars, video games, travel.

    what is it you like to do? my blog is full of different stuff. i write what i know and what i am learning. make it a journey. make it colorful.

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