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What makes you NOT not want to comment on a blog or a post?

  1. Hi all, I tried so hard to put all your tips in practice. I even tried yours, shesboxingclever. It's not perfect but I hope to polish my style in the following articles as well. I invite you to take a look to my last post. Anyone can give me feedback? Should Nestlé blog Greenpeace accusations away?.

  2. shesboxingclever

    Bravo! I've left you a comment...Just my opinion, but I love how you handled this post.

  3. Thank you for the nice comment. You made my day ooooh. I really like your blog, so natural! Thanks a lot for the support. :)

  4. Yeah this raise a question in me too. I saw 200visitors a day with no comment left behind. I wish those people who had visited my blod would say something...anything.

    I always leave comment on everything I read.

  5. Not relating specifically to blogs or to here - but sometimes on internet forums there seem to be a really aggressive core of people who like to attack people in a totally unnecessary way, just for the fun of it (presumably they find it fun).

    For example I once posted a question on a finance forum and had about 6 people calling me all sorts of stupid and who seemed to expect me to have read every post ever written before asking my question. I went there looking for quick-fix help. I certainly won't bother going back and such behaviour now makes me something of a reluctant contributor.

  6. Oh another thing that would make me NOT comment is if your not active on your own in never comment back, create new posts....etc If I feel as though you've abandoned your blog then I see no further point of commenting on matter how much i liked it originally.

    there alot of blogs like that, many of which have great potential to be awesome reads

  7. Oh another thing that would make me NOT comment is if your not active on your own in never comment back, create new posts....etc If I feel as though you've abandoned your blog then I see no further point of commenting on matter how much i liked it originally.

    there alot of blogs like that, many of which have great potential to be awesome reads

  8. @somethingsthat it means the person moderating the blog is no efficient. My next post will also touch on that
    @webmistress27 I understand what you mean. I've posted on many blog and since I never received any feedback,I've stopped going back.What's the point in tlaking if no one answers?,....

  9. @Webmistrees I agree wiith you...I also stopped coming back when the blog I commented didn't give any reply back...I really think comment can build a good relationship. I recently commented on someone's blog about my fav actor, and I like how it all start from that comment....we've become blog-friend and I made more blog-friend from just 1 comment, it because she replied it and then I replied back and so on.

  10. @ hibiscusjaune & bokunosekai

    Being active on your own blog is very important (imo) if i comment and you dont even acknowlege my comment it sorta makes you feel as if the blog owner was'nt interested in what you said or the blog is a ghost blog...either way being active opens up the door to new conversations and common ground.

    i've made some blog friends from one or two comments, now we totally support each otehrs thoughts, interests...ect Its not about who leaves a comment or not...more so just showing a person you read what they put out there and you like to keep going back as long as they let you know its ok to.

    I love reading the updates and new posts on blogs

  11. You said it better than I am :)

  12. You said it better than I am :)

  13. Who doesn't want comments? If I read the whole post I try to comment if only to acknowledge to the blogger that I read it. Also, if anyone comments on my blog I try to comment back. Which is pretty much what webmistress27 said already.

  14. If it's personal stuff and they're a stranger, there's nothing I can say.

    Considering the quality of comments I sometimes get ("lol" is pretty popular), nothing is fine with me. But if they want to get views from me, it's the best way to do it.

  15. i don't comment if i feel i have nothing relevant or useful to say. but i try to leave comments on pretty much everything i read (i link you immediately if i like your blog) and i always reply comments.

  16. @hibiscusjaune: Am simply curious-- do you have automatic translation for your English-French articles?

    If a blog doesn't interest me I don't comment.
    Or I have nothing useful to add.
    Sometimes I am interested in establishing general contact with person...and that begins with comments for the conversation. But it is rare.
    I'm busy..can't comment.

    I'm also more active in Internet forums where I comment often in 2-3 different forums. (excluding wpress). Those are valuable online communities before my blogging started.

    As for mine, they are 2 specialized niche subject blogs. But there are some pretty comment.

    Hibiscuousjaune- as an example there's a university lecturer, ex-city councillor here in our local area who is well-respected, often interviewed by national and local media, has hundreds of people attending his talks....but his blog (urban planning and design, transportation planning) doesn't have alot of comments.

    But his blog is linked in other people's Blogroll...since I monitor developments for my partner's biz through certain key websites and blogs.

    Your number of users viewing would be more of an indicator. But it does feel like the kid who didn't get selected for the choice baseball team, at times...

    Can't please everyone. Only interest a few.

  17. @maidiebike Thanks for commenting. I did find your example of this university lecturer a little bit encouraging. I say a little bit because blogging is all about having conversing with others. So if people listen (read) to you but don't answer (write comments), it's a bit as though you have missed the whole point of blogging. On the other hand, if you blog just for the sake of blogging why would you care that people don't comment? (It's obviously not my case) I have a colleague who owns a blog were there isn't even one comment and the stats are nil but she couldn't be more happy with her blog because she simply likes it the way it is!

    To answer your 1st question, NO, no automatic translator. There is nothing worse than that. Forget Google Translate and Cie. I have to translate all the articles by myself. Since I'm bilingual some thoughts will come out naturally in English and the other half will flow in French but I try to do more than translating, I like to add a little flavor to my texts, this is strictly cultural :)

    Oh I just took a good look at your blog too. Peaceful and Wonderful! Are you from Canada also? I live in QC. My dream is to visit BC but I'm too lazy to sit in a plane for hours just to get to other side of the country. (I don't complain if it takes 24 hours to get to another continent though.)
    Anyways, I'm working on an article about public transportation and green movements. Expect a pingback in a about 2 or 3 weeks (this is how long it takes to polish my thoughs).

  18. @hibiscusjaune

    Thx for peeking my blog (well, actually I have 2 blogs) The other is

    Have been in Lotusland since 2002. Before that lived and worked in Toronto for approx. 2 decades. You will like our area..

    Love to see that article on g-space and public transportation when you publish it.
    I tend to write abit less personal. Definitely for 3rd wave it needs to be. For my own personal blog, am still not totally personal because potential employers will look at it also. It's just reality. So I haven't gone as far as you have...about Beyonce's thights. LOL.

    I've been to QC several times. We have biked out there..Montreal, some Route Verte bike routes.

    There are a TON of topics you could write about...for even an article to make money that I haven't seen anything so far published on certain topics. If you wish, send me a message through my contact form on cyclewrite so I can throw off some ideas.

  19. Also wanted to add:

    Some blog post topics are fairly complex topics to make a pithy comment. I just figure that if I make a simple or toss-off comment, that really doesn't clearly explain my position on the topic nor does it do justice to the effort and time spent by the author for having written on the topic.

    So I don't comment.

  20. @Suzanneme I do the same thing as you are...if someone drop a comment in my blog, I will visit his/her blog and drop another comment.

    Sometimes people who wrote comments in my blog have the same interest as I am and usually we become blog-frien

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