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What makes your blog unique?

  1. So tell the forum what makes your blog different?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My blog is different, as it talks about human ethics, and things we might not necessarily think about unless someone puts the point across to you.

  3. My blog is fiction.

  4. as its the only blog I have?

  5. Ha! Ha! Mine is unique for the retardedness.

  6. @willscot55 - Very good reason for it to be unique.

    Mine is not my only one. So the factor that makes it unique is that it's about folktales.

  7. Alternative Ideas for Alternative minds...

    2D/3D Art & design/media based portal.

    Unique, Creative, humorous and diverse and touching on the many problems surrounding moving abroad, social and cultural differences and the rights we may take for granted in one country and how abused they are in others.

    Also featuring :

    E's a Dude & The Gang.
    The (P.I.B.) - Penguin Investigation Bureau.
    Spank the Monkey.

    Please stop by for a visit... Θ)

  8. my blog is a some bad A sexy poetry, or at least in my own head it is i think. tell me what you think!

  9. I recommend Breana, she's very good.

  10. i had a look at Breana's blogs tonight that is some good poetry. I think you have guts sharing it i write poetry too but am too chicken to share mine.

    i guess my blog in unique because i write about natural alternatives to skin care and beauty products, not exactly unique but it comes from my experiences and is something that i am passionate about

  11. 'Cause the content has not been reblogged. :D

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

  12. My blog is all about music, I write a mixture of mostly rants and album reviews. This ranges from talking about current releases, but also past albums that I consider to be under appreciated ('The Great Escape' by Blur, for example), which I feel deserve to be re-evaluated through a non-biased, retrospective analysis, as opinions naturally change as time progresses.
    That's what I try to capture with my blog.

  13. My blog is unique because I'm unique of course. I refuse any kind of affiliation with any countries or cultures. I'm a foreigner everywhere I go (including in the country in which I reside). I take a step back and I'm enjoying watching people with an outrageous sense of national pride. Then I laugh loud and write.

  14. This is a very silly question. It's as if you ask a person why they are unique. We all are unique by default, and so we pass that uniqueness to our blogs as well.

  15. @leetgamer: By answering I actually explained what made me unique. Isn't it a smart way to sell your own vision of yourself and your blog?

  16. Less writing and more atmosphere thorough my art - which I use it to speak through it instead. O yea and some bomb-unique good music too to chill out to. ;p

    ..but you'll have to go to find out. *tsk *tsk ;o)


  17. midnightviolet

    My blog gives you hope :)

  18. myheartbookclub

    My blog is a unique book club. I give the option of picking a book every month that we all can read and discuss. Some book clubs don't offer that and i think thats what makes a book club- a book everyone can discuss. I write reviews on the books I read and love to read about books everyone else is reading. I even do book giveaways!


    its about me :)

  20. My 'busy head' (as my sister calls it) makes my blog unique.
    Also, because I never know what subject my thoughts will wander to next, it's a bit like a Lucky Dip.

  21. My blog is a simply creative and fun story. I like reading the types of books that you can just get lost in. I like writing that way as well.

  22. Thread moved to the show case forum since the thread has turned into a blog promotion thread...


    My blog is written by a completely immature male on his journey to fatherhood.
    Ok so that's not spectactular but it's from my unique and quirky prespective.
    Please join me on my journey.

  24. theintentionalsage

    My blog intentionally seeks to co-create the future.

  25. @flywheel and @rosefury: I'm another fiction blogger! My blog is a serial anthology about the illusionist Victor C. Haas. Every Monday, a new chapter in the latest story goes up, and each story lasts for 10ish or more chapters (that's mostly a guess, since only one story is complete so far)

    Among fiction, I'd consider mine uniqueish for the steampunk side of it, if nothing else. I also draw cover images for each individual story (all two of them so far), and the occasional bonus picture. So I get to mix in a little drawing with writing, which is a lot of fun.

  26. My blog is unique as the photos I take could be defined as such!

  27. I blog about food, crafts, travel, and everyday stuff ...

    I use a heap of photos and try and include useful info so that people can learn a little about the country I live in, the food I cook, how locals and expats here find life.

    ...and also, since we like nothing better than keeping off the beaten track, the inside detail of any travel that you won't find in the guide books.

  28. Because my blog is actually funny.


    In the past year I have turned twenty-one years of age, completed my degree, had a baby boy, got married, and I'm about to start a new job. That's what makes me, and my blog, unique :)

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