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What makes your blog unique from others?

  1. LOL @ omarmodesto

  2. Well, i havent seen many blogs about Apistos and have never seen a blog with collecting expeditions, species profiles, and tons more.

  3. I think my blog is unique because I provide great info on modern technology and I'm just 12.
    (remember there aren't millions of young bloggers out there, so it's your playground to rule if you want to make your blog big)

  4. My blogs??? Anything really.
    (@laptopmemo- does the world need to know that your 12?)

  5. And your age is absolutely no reason to brag about.

  6. what makes my blogs unique is how i never work on them

  7. ^^^^^^ why have a blog then someone might ask.

  8. well i'm starting to work on it more but now what makes my blog unique is my new header. WOOT

  9. Toaster, you're having the same problem I'm having. I get a great header going but can't get the font color right. Blah. I switched back to something without a header. I'll keep working on it. Header's are giving me headaches.
    Good for you. I like the header, other than the font! Awesome!

  10. lolz

  11. Well, I post what I think and that's pretty unique. But I'm a bit different person and my opinion sometimes can be very interesting.

  12. Where all other blogs are content with festering in a quarantined bay of lies, administers a dose of reality to the blogging world!

  13. doctortruth, you have no right to promote your blog by saying that everyone else lies and you do not.

  14. it's honest. well...I am honest.

    but no one has to believe it.

    and you might laugh.

    if you get dry sarcasm.

  15. celticmusicfan

    Mine is devoted to Celtic music and nothing about I guess that's what makes it unique. You can also add the fact that I have never been to Ireland already surprising.

  16. Mine is unique because it is from perspective and how I view the world.
    (Very new, so not a whole lot yet)

  17. My blog is unique because I welcome the world of rock n roll to everyone.

  18. Mine is unique because I am unique and I write it. (there's not exactly a ton of people like me)

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