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What Motivates You?

  1. This time of year many people find themselves feeling down. Sometimes, a few words from others, about how they motivate themselves and hang on can make all the difference in the world. Add a little something. Who knows... You may meet your soul mate through this topic or save someone's life!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Writing Helps... Whether it's filling up 50 journals about whatever, and everything in between. Sometimes Creative Writing also helps... Definitely keep in contact with people if you're feeling down... You are not alone.


  3. That is so true, but writing can be very solitary... Everyone should have ideas on this topic I would think...

  4. kennethmarkhoover

    The holidays are a blue time for me, really. But I must say music helps me a lot to deal with some of the stress and pressure, along with exercise. Keeping busy and not trying to dwell on certain things helps me process.

  5. For me, writing always just came from a place of not being able to talk about something painful. .then it evolved into a form of healing, the same as visual art. But I have quiet spells too. Sometimes the muse is a tight lipped bitch. :)

    @Kenneth, I can relate. Memories of loss stuff...but also kind of thankful for what remains maybe?

  6. For me, looking foward to things always motivates me. Such as my future. I think about all the events and opportunites that I have coming my way. I for one don't like to dwell on a moment that won't matter days to a year from now.

    Staying optimistic.. while having a open mind is motivation all on it's own.

  7. Coffee, sunshine and some good comfort food. Always works ;)

  8. I always go on holiday for xmas and new year. That helps and gives me material!

  9. Spice Girls.

  10. Hi all. I focus on my business and during the holiday season, I spend a large amount of my helping with Marine Corps Toys for Tots in my area. Me being a Marine that served over ten years on active duty, I understand that serving others is a major source of self-satisfaction and will help you grow as a person. That's just my opinion.

  11. I am an athlete so, I love to work out and practice martial arts.

  12. bodiesunlimited

    As a personal trainer I stay motivated believe it or not by motivating others and having them motivate me at the same time. By that I mean this, I would never want to have a personal trainer who is out of shape telling me what to do and so by the same token I will not do that to my clients. By being in shape, my clients have more to look up to and it gives them more desire and willingness to achieve their dreams. Now a days especially with the economy and everything that goes on in the world it is easy to slip away for being motivated. We all need to find at least one thing to keep us going, if not more than one.

  13. writing, enjoying the little things in life, looking towards the future..

  14. I think it's the desire to create. I like creating things so I think that is what it is. I like watching things develop and evolve. That and discovery. Finding something new, something unexpected.

  15. theinsanityaquarium

    I'm with Pete! They go great with a side of butter.

  16. @Anna What, no David Becham Sauce?

    @Text in a way, Writing is Giving to others... No matter how much enjoyment it brings to us the Writers, Readers, I know because I am also a Reader, potentially take a lot from other people's Writing... I know I do

    I've had a particularly Blue Holiday Season, something I haven't felt in a while... I mean, all the Good was definitely here, The Tree, the Family and Friends, the Food, The Christmas Movies...

    But, the middle of my year, prior to Starting my Blogs, was a bit tough, and came back to haunt me during the Holidays... As I know is the way with Many during the Holidays

    I look forward to coming out of the Blackness, though it has been helpful for Poetry, lol... And having a enjoyable 2012


  17. What motivates me to write is the fact that other people are writing.

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