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What not to post here

  1. As we all know, we've seen more and more annoying topics in the Off-topic forum made by newbies to promote their blog. Personally, I am sick of that and would like to remind people that the forum isn't a tool of self-promotion. Therefore, I remind people :

    - Not to create a topic that's designed to tell the world about the person's blog. There's a 'Plug Your Blog Here' thread that's designed to allow users to promote their blog there.
    - Not to create a topic that's invoking other users to visit their blog purely to increase traffic. There are other blogging communities like that specially does that.
    - Not to create a topic that suggests some sort of a partnership that applies the 'I scratch your back if you scratch mine' theory.
    - Not to create a topic that tells other users about what the specific blogger recently posted. There's a 'What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?' topic for that.
    - Not to create a topic that's pointless and illogical

    All these cause useful and relevant non-stickied topics to go to the second page, away from first contact. However, these aren't actual rules.. but they could be. Consider them tips to stop you from becoming infamous amongst these forums.

    So please people, stop posting topics that are a liability. It's annoying, and shows how much you actually take a look at the stickies.

  2. Very nice... :) Might as well turn this into a sticky!

  3. @leetgamer: edited your post to insert appropriate links, will consider turning it into a sticky. Thanks!

  4. I've always wondered how to insert links lol.

  5. Thanks Leetgamer, for posting this informative post. keep up the great work!!! = )

  6. Bump

  7. I wouldn't expect them to do anything about this on a weekend.

  8. lettershometoyou

    I would like to remind people:

    - not to post lists of the kinds of posts you shouldn't post about.
    - not to post posts reminding people not to post lists of the kinds of posts you shouldn't post about.
    - not to post posts reminding people not to post posts reminding people not to post lists of the kinds of posts you shouldn't post about.

    Thank you.

  9. LOL, in the end we are all a mass of contradictions...

  10. it's true im capricorn, it's in my nature!

  11. Bump, so people can see this.

  12. I sort of hate to tell you this, but bumping threads is REALLY frowned on here. Always has been. At LEAST try to disguise it.

  13. Despite everything I know about computers, technology, social networking, HTML, and viruses, I don't know what bumping is, though I have a pretty shroud idea.

  14. Bumping means keeping the thread on top of all others except the stickies.

    I sort of hate you to tell yout this raincoaster, but this is actually a useful topic in my opinion. If the admins won't sticky it, at least I'll make sure that people do see it every once in a while.

  15. You know another great thread (you could work on leetgamer LOL! not me) is "what CAN be posted here" in off topic. I nominate you Leetgamer because you did such an amazing job with this thread. ;)

  16. lettershometoyou

    ((((This is a bump wearing a fake mustache and beard.)))

  17. I full on agree with your post LeetGM. I may not have been here very long (yay for being here almost a month), but pointless posts were driving me crazy. Any Neanderthal could have seen that there were "plug your blog" and "what did you post today" forums to promote their blog. I suppose people are that desperate rush to have people read their new blog.

    ~Lady T

  18. prettierinpink

    I'm a capricorn too or is that a capri gear *zooooms away* lol

  19. I once had a capricorn teacher... god she was such a pain in the ass.

  20. leetgamer, if it's a thread about forum etiquette, a little advice about forum etiquette isn't out of place, is it? Besides, it bumped your thread without making you look like a self-important twerp, didn't it? That's one better than you did.

  21. What ?

  22. nobody likes raincoaster.

  23. prettierinpink

    I like raincoaster...

  24. yeah, raincoaster is pretty cool, alright with me, and correct in this case. Believe it or not, but it's actually annoying to obviously bump your own thread.
    Also, people could care less what you think shouldn't be posted here if they are hell bent on creating a post they want. It's happened plenty of times, people obviously see the sticky notes yet they post whatever thread they want. Some do it by mistake but most do IMO do it on purpose. It's a fact of forum-life. Even if they put this sticky in huge red flashing letters, I guarantee you'll have people that will do what they want.
    By even having this "convo" we are bumping up this thread but at least none of us (yet) has only commented by typing "bump".
    This isn't to say your list isn't good...

  25. aw, I don't think you're speaking on behalf of those people who 'could care less'. There are people who don't understand english, but there are also those who have the common sense to look at some sort of guidelines before they post. Also, please forgive me for bursting you and raincoaster's bubbles by bumping this thread, for I didn't know that it's gonna be the end of the world if I did it.

    I've been through many forums, and even moderated some of them. This isn't a fact of 'forum-life', it's just that some other useful topics aren't stickied so that lazyasses can see them. And you know what ? You're also right ! Some people do it on purpose ! But there's an excellent remedy to that dilemma ! We can just ignore them !

    My point is that those people who actually want to be part of the forum life should take a look at this thread (I don't mean to brag or anything). And how can they look at this thread if it's gonna be in Davy Jone's frigging Locker ?

    Also, thank you for the kind words.

  26. Problem solved.

    Now stop arguing with each other and get back to the main topic of this post which got lost about a third of the way through.

  27. Yay my topic is useful !

  28. lettershometoyou

    Raincoaster wins the Canada Day comeback award, though.

  29. I agree Raincoaster is annoying. Talk about a hater to sound advice. If he really disagreed he could just leave it be and let it die down like most threads here. By making a comment guess what, you just bumped it to the top of the list once again. Now is the bumping really the issue at hand, or is someone wanting to cause confrontation on every thread on here.

    ~ Lady T

  30. I'd like to add, the topic has mainly been useful, after someone has already violated the "what not to post here" rules, in which Raincoaster and others would go to said thread and post a link to this thread reminding them of what not to post here.
    I could less about this thread being ignored but I'd recommend we all take ladytempress's advice and just ignore threads that have annoying blog promotion topics. The act of bumping for the purpose of bumping is annoying and in bad taste, and if one wants to go around making rules about how to not be annoying in this forum, then being annoying is really counterproductive and even hypocritical.
    This is a good advice, now lets all plan our Canadian Day reunion for next year. I stay in Michigan and have yet to experience Canada except for a day when I was 7yrs old.

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