What on earth happened to the IMAGE QUALITY?!

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    Wow! :(

    Checking the image properties in FF, both say the image is 340px × 236px. However,

    http://www.firegrubs.com/images/explanation-5j.jpg is 72.8K

    http://tpata.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/explanation-5j.jpg?w=600 (!) is 52.09 KB



    Yea, no we all know by now that WP does compress images (to show pages faster they explained). But nobody really wants degraded quality like that (especially photo bloggers), hopefully itll be fixed soon.



    Just to give you a little moral support: I checked out the images on your test page, too, and I agree, the quality was poor in the WP-hosted image. And it’s not like the original was some mega-huge file, either. There doesn’t seem to be much sense in compressing files that are already optimized for the web. I hope there’s a solution for this for you soon!


    @starsquid: Do me a favor please and run the same test in a flexible-width theme, if possible, and let me know if there’s any difference.



    Alright, I will try that (though, why would only fixed width themes be subjected to compression). Err..you know any flexible-width themes? Im not really sure which are…



    Thanks! Best image quality for everybody I’d say :D


    @starsquid: The reason I’m asking is that in flexible-width themes you don’t get the ?w= in the source code if you delete the dimensions in the html editor. I want us to see if this makes any difference or not. Try Garland, Rubric or Andreas.



    @starsquid thanks for your test, it’s very helpful. We know what the problem is and are working out a solution.



    I saw you guys changed the compression thing, it improved greatly actually. Just a question though, I havent checked yet, but is it totally compression free now or just a very little bit?



    @starsquid-There’s still a small difference between the externally hosted version and the one hosted here (69.9K).

    Alex, I hate to be whiny, but when will the rest of us enjoy the solution (and does this mean we have to wait until WP’s caches are flushed)?



    I had a feeling that was the case…



    starsquid I share your frustration! I am not a WordPress.COM user, but I had the very same disappointing issue on standalone WordPress installations, so I would not buy the theory that it is a hosting issue. I created portfolio websites for professional photographers using WP only to find out this nce feature where we absolutely have no way to display our UNTOUCHED jpgs! after holding the client for two months I am left with no choice but to move away from WordPress.

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