What on earth have you done with the image gallery etc?

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    How am I to post my images and manipulate them now with this trite way of uploading? Or is this just a blip on my blog? If anything would make me go back to blogger this is it.

    The blog I need help with is everypicturetellsone.wordpress.com.


    Thanks. Been there, commented. Still got nowhere. No answers. And also told to start a new thread. Got a comment to that please? I just started a new thread and got pushed off.

    This is a very bad move from WP. Seriously. Appreciate your reply and the referral but basically in 12 months of wp (and there have been some bad moves) this is not good.



    Hi roughseasinthemed – what type of image editing are you looking to do? If you want to do things like cropping, flipping, rotating or resizing, you can do that via the Media Library. The full guide is here:


    If you’re trying to do something else with your images, just let me know and I’ll be glad to help further.


    Thanks Kathryn but amazingly I did try all the obvious options. No way of editing an image at all. Depending on what camera I have used sometimes I need to rotate an image and WP has always solved that really well. Clicking on edit an image gives me absolutely nada to edit.

    Thank you for the guide. I really didn’t need that. I need to know how to get into edit right now which I can not do. All I can do now is give an image a caption.



    Could you let me know the name of an image or two that you’re trying to rotate in your media gallery so I can take a look directly? I’d like to see what’s going on. Thanks.


    sure, it’s IMG_0303.jpg on my last post on everypic


    it’s obviously in my media file as I didn’t post it as I couldn’t post it. if I’m being stupid feel free to tell me!


    OK – I’m stupid. I finally realised I can’t edit from the gallery/media file but I have to go into dashboard where I realised you where busy working. But seriously. Why have to do all that when it worked well enough before?

    Thanks for your help anyway, I figure I can work it out now, but just why, why??



    Hi there, I was able to rotate image 0303 without any issues and took screenshots of the process.

    1. Found the image in the Media Library and clicked the Edit link below it.


    2. Clicked Edit Image below the image.


    3. Clicked the Rotate button and then Save.


    4. Clicked Update to save the rotated image.


    Let me know if you need any help with this.


    Thanks Kathryn, as I said, I thought I finally figured it out. Instead of being able to edit directly from the media gallery as before, we now have to upload and then go back into dashboard to do any post editing, yes?

    It’s not exactly user-friendly, but it is do-able. Appreciate your patience and hope this helps explain to everyone else that they need to edit via dashboard in future and not through media library/gallery :(



    While our terminology is a bit different, I think we’re in agreement. :-)

    To edit images – cropping/rotating/resizing, etc. – you need to upload the image under Media > Add Media, and then edit it in your Media Library.


    Dashboard!! You need to point out people need to go into Dashboard. That is the big difference.



    Dashboard!! You need to point out people need to go into Dashboard. That is the big difference.

    I thought that’s what I did above but obviously we had a misunderstanding, and I’m truly sorry about that since it obviously caused a lot of frustration. :-)

    If you want to do things like cropping, flipping, rotating or resizing, you can do that via the Media Library. The full guide is here:


    The first two lines on this page say For each image uploaded to your WordPress.com blog’s Media Library, you have some basic editing options (crop, rotate, flip, and resize) available. To access these options, first go to Media -> Library in your blog’s dashboard.

    In any case, I’m glad it’s clearer now! :-D



    The WordPress.com team has now added a link to the editing functionality of WordPress from the new Media Manager uploader, making it easier to access the image editor.

    Also, Dashboard is a panel or screen on the WordPress Admin or Administration Panels, so directing someone to the “dashboard” points people to the wrong spot, which adds to the confusion. The correct spot to access the image editor is Media > Library > Image > Edit.

    Hope this helps!! Thanks!!


    Let’s get this clear.

    To manipulate any images now involves a lot more work. Upload. Leave post, go to my blog’s dashboard, so no lorelle, pointing me to my dashboard is not confusing, and then, when I have finally done something and saved it, I have to go back to the draft post.

    How on earth can that be considered an improvement? I just really like to spend all day faffing around like this to get a short blog post with a few images.

    Next, no option to change order of pix.

    Next – I have, tried to add captions, saved updated blah blah boring old blah. And where are they? More wasted time.

    @ Lorelle – The only way to get to my media library is by hitting dashboard on the dropdown to the left. Unless you can perhaps point up another way.

    So, normally, we would access media library directly from the blog post. Now it achieves little at all. Nothing really. It is not possible to work with images directly in the blog post – unless of course I have missed something.

    Right now I can’t even get into the media library via my blog.

    <blockquote.The WordPress.com team has now added a link to the editing functionality of WordPress from the new Media Manager uploader, making it easier to access the image editor.

    I have no idea what this means.

    I’ve looked at the Idiots Guide twenty times and it doesn’t help.

    And, no it doesn’t help. At all.

    I seriously question why WP takes a perfectly functioning system and changes it to make it worse.



    LOL, roughseas, it gets worse. Not only has the image editing changed but the default way images are handled has changed too. As I pointed out to you on your thread they made the ‘attachment page’ the default rather than ‘media file’. On the face of it most people won’t realise the horrendous distaster this is until they start to lose traffic or get garbage page stats.

    I’ve now found that any images that have been re-used across multiple posts, say as a media file in a technical blog and then in a gallery will both effectively become attached pages if you are not careful. So now when somebody does a google image search and clicks on a photo, whereas it used to take them into the technical blog itself so they could read the article it now takes them to the picture on its lonesome in a naff page where the user will find no technical information or text or anything, think this is rubbish and go straight back out. Oh and just for good measure it will have recorded a page stat for the image instead of an image click stat. So great, it looks like your site is really busy but in reality it is just P’ing every visitor off and they are less likely to return. The developer that made that decision needs shooting!

    Then we have the little matter of the title and description boxes being shoved to the right hand side of the new media uploader thing, so squashed that the tiny boxes remaining are just about useless and have to be expanded manually requiring even more mouse movements and clicks than the old media loader. I found the old media uploader far superior in this respect with nice big boxes for the text.

    Then the drop down that gives you the options for attachment page or media file is below those and out of sight for anybody like me running a resolution of 1280×720 or 1024×720 which we do because a) I have poor eyesight and b) because we run our home theatre PC through a TV screen and we are sat 6 feet from it. The developer that wrote the new media loader clearly has a super duper monitor running 1600×1024 resolution so he can see a whole lot more than me, he is also probably sat 2mm from the screen and has good eyesight. Again, possibly shooting is too nice an option for said developer…….

    I have wasted hours now deleting pictures and re-inserting them with the correct type, re-adding titles and descriptions that it had not saved properly and I’m still finding problems.

    The whole thing has been a disaster and I am also concerned and considering moving my blog somewere else. I’ve been here approx 2 years and WordPress has been a great tool, easy to use and generally trouble free but in the last week I have had so much inconvenience and problems that it has undone all the previous goodwill that had built up. This upgrade should never have been applied before being thoroughly tested first. Ideally with the old image uploader kept in place for a trial period until all issues had been dealt with.



    PS. I should point out that I also run large fonts. I’m guessing this is the reason why so many people are not spotting the issue with the drop down selection of media file or attachment page as it is just not visible at my resolution with large fonts, I have to scroll down to see it. As it is not obvious it is all too easy to overlook it and simply insert your new picture with the wrong setting.




    With you on all points. The “improved” functionality is anything but.


    With the greatest of respect, but when are the WP.com team going to learn to trust the old truism that, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

    The new functionality is great if one is managing a media library – but the majority of us aren’t. We’re managing blogs, and much of the new functionality requires a lot of irritating faffing around to perform what were relatively straightforward tasks and forces us to do so in a manner which doesn’t entirely soothe the blood pressure.



    There are some nice things about the new upload process, and the ability to see the photo and changes the captions and such, BUT the auto rotation BUG has got to be fixed. I just uploaded 36 photos that had already been rotated properly in Photoshop, only to have to open each in a NEW FREAKING window (36 new tabs! are you kidding me!?), to rotate and re-save? After much Goggling for “wordpress incorrect rotation” I see I am not alone. If this is not fixed shortly, my next Google search will be “transferring wordpress blog”



    Hi ryanl1975 – I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this – it sounds really frustrating. I’m going to reply in your other thread so we can troubleshoot more easily:


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