What on earth is wrong with Reader?

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    I’m referring specifically to the blogs I follow, which is how I rely on reading updated posts.

    A few months back it was working fine (ish). Now, it’s totally haphazard. It’s always post-added some blogs but a quick scroll down would usually find them when they came up later.

    Now, it’s just missing loads of the blogs I follow. I’ve unfollowed and followed but I’m not sure it’s making a difference.

    I visit blogs I like and discover they have written a shedload of posts that I have just not seen. I follow a motley mix and I don’t expect some of the most recent posts to be 1 day and 17 hours ago, or 2 days and 12 hours ago.

    On top of that, posts appear and disappear. One minute there is a new post from a blog and by the time I look at another one and go back to Reader, it’s gone. Or rather, more than one have gone. I have to scroll down to go to an older post by the same author to click on that to find the new post.

    And yes, I have done all the Marconi resets.

    I posted about it on my blog(s) and it seems others are having similar issues so I agreed to raise it here. Thanks for reading.

    The blog I need help with is roughseasinthemed.wordpress.com.


    The Readers has always been buggy and badly behaved, which is why many of us do not rely on it but instead use Google Reader or just bookmarks.

    I have the same problem as you – I just use it on and off, though, for these exact reasons. Instead I keep a folder on my desktop of links to my fave blogs, or I visit via the ‘Edit’ list in the Reader instead.

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