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What photos are allowed?

  1. Hi, just wondering if I can use a picture that shows a bare butt on the custom header for my blog. It's for humorous intent and not pornographic or erotic in any way. Is this allowed or will it get me banned, or what? I couldn't find a straight answer on the forums. I appreciate your help.

  2. pornstarbabylon

    It won't get you banned because that's not against the TOS. But I don't know if it can get your blog listed as mature. Best bet would be to contact support and send the picture and ask. Just don't have it as an avatar here on the forum. lol

  3. If somebody reports your blog as Mature, we will carefully review it. If it is a one-off type of thing (i.e. your entire blog is not inappropriate for general audiences - like your header may be), then you will probably be okay. But we are always happy to give our opinions at any time.

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