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What plugin gives the feed stats and blog stats?

  1. I really like that information, and want to include it in my wordpress blog. Which plugin is it? Where can I get it?


  2. It's custom code written just for

  3. Shortstat does an RSS count.

    And, rumor has it, when I finally have the time, it's also going to have a nifty graph for it as well. :)

    It's what I use for my WPMU install. You can take a look at it on my demo blog setup. User: demo Password: demopass

  4. That is a nice stats page, drmike, but a bit heavy for bloggers, maybe. Do you have a smaller app for metering feeds and visits? From a bloggers perspective, and from lots of web experience, I think the blog and feed stats offered at are, as Goldilocks said, "just right".

    And if I could just get my RSS link to work...

  5. I don't. That's just the plugin that I use and offer to my clients.

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